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East Lyme Pickleball Courts Welcomed At Peretz Park

East Lyme Pickleball Courts: East Lyme is set to celebrate the grand opening of its newest recreational gem next week, pickleball courts at Samuel M. Peretz Park at Bridebrook. directed by resident Scott Todd and backed by a $275,000 town investment, this initiative responds to longstanding community demand for dedicated pickleball facilities.

Todd, a retiree who took up pickleball in 2022, played a crucial role in rallying support through a petition signed by 309 enthusiasts, including 184 residents. Their efforts highlight a growing interest in the sport, previously constrained to shared spaces like basketball and tennis courts or the local community center.

Todd expressed in a phone interview on Wednesday that the demand Of East Lyme Pickleball Courts had been present for several years, indicating that the new courts are meeting a longstanding need. Furthermore, he emphasized that the addition of pickleball facilities is enhancing the community’s appeal to potential residents.

“I think the demand has been there for years now, so it’s meeting a need, and more than that, I believe that it’s making our community even more attractive to people who may want to come and live here.” -( Scott Todd )

Located strategically between softball fields and basketball courts, the new 120-foot-by-60-foot facility features four careful designed courts. A committee led by Parks and Recreation Commission member Sue Kumro planned the layout, ensuring ample space and accessibility for all players.

Construction was handled by Danbury-based BMP Construction, Inc., funded by voter-approved allocations from the 2023-24 capital budget. The project, originally estimated at $275,000, was efficiently executed at $274,278, leveraging regional cooperative purchasing agreements for cost efficiency.

According to the report, the committee derived its $275,000 funding request from preliminary budget estimates provided by a court builder, who projected an approximate cost of $50,000 per court. The remaining $75,000 was allocated for design specifics and unforeseen contingencies.

Since its soft opening a month ago, the courts have seen steady use, offering scheduled “rotational play” sessions via an online app with over 750 members. Walk-ins are welcomed, with games tailored to accommodate varying crowd sizes.

It’s egalitarian because it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, or you’re in your 80s or your teens,” Todd highlighted. “Everybody can play and win.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, July 13, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., followed by open play and skills instruction. The Parks and Recreation Commission plans to expand programming, offering lessons, competitions, and community events

This adaptation aims to capture the essence of community-driven initiative and the inclusive spirit of pickleball’s growing popularity in East Lyme.

Aspect Details
Location Samuel M. Peretz Park at Bridebrook, East Lyme
Number of Courts 4 courts
Court Dimensions 120 feet by 60 feet
Initiator Scott Todd
Funding $275,000 town investment
Community Support 309-signature petition, including 184 residents
Construction Company BMP Construction, Inc. (Danbury-based)
Funding Breakdown Estimated $50,000 per court; $75,000 for design and contingencies
Actual Project Cost $274,278
Opening Ceremony July 13, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Amenities Online app for scheduling, “rotational play” sessions, inclusive access


East Lyme Pickleball Courts

News in Brief: East Lyme Pickleball Courts

The New East Lyme Pickleball Courts at Lyme’s Samuel M. Peretz Park, Bridebrook is set to unveil new pickleball courts following a $275,000 town investment spearheaded by resident Scott Todd. Supported by a petition signed by 309 enthusiasts, including 184 residents, the project meets fixed demand for dedicated facilities. Todd, who began playing pickleball in 2021, emphasized the community’s eagerness for the courts, noting their appeal to potential residents. Constructed by BMP Construction, Inc., the four courts feature planning for accessibility and space. Since their soft opening, the courts have seen active use, offering scheduled play sessions and welcoming all ages and genders.

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