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New Pickleball Courts in Nebraska: Smash Unveils Paradise

New Pickleball Courts in Nebraska: Pickleball is rising across the United States, leaving its mark in communities far and wide. With its rapid rise in popularity, there’s a growing demand for additional courts to meet the  demand. Enthusiasts of all ages are welcominhg this dynamic sport, drawn by its blend of agility, strategy, and social companinship. From crowded urban centers to quiet suburban neighborhoods, pickleball is building its way into the fabric of American leisure activities, transforming empty spaces into vibrant arenas where players gather to enjoy spirited matches and forge new connections.

In a busy suburb of Omaha, Nebraska, US, a vibrant new entertainment hub has emerged: Smash Park La Vista. Spanning 30,000 square feet indoors, this facility caters to thrill-seekers with a mix of attractions including pickleball courts, axe throwing, cornhole, duckpin bowling, and an arcade. Moreover, its expansive outdoor area of 15,000 square feet boasts additional attractions and a rooftop bar.

CEO Monty Lockyear cited the growing local interest in pickleball as a driving force behind selecting the Nebraska location. This expansion follows the recent launch of a similar venue in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this year.

Beyond its recreational offerings, Smash Park La Vista features a robust food and beverage menu, highlighting traditional American cuisine and an extensive selection of drinks and cocktails. The venue’s bar area will also broadcast live sports events, enhancing the experience for sports enthusiasts.

A unique aspect of Smash Park is its rewards system, allowing guests to accumulate points redeemable for games, food, and beverages, fostering a community-centric approach to entertainment.

Other places to play pickleball in Nebraska

  1. Hastings Family YMCA: It has four indoor courts equipped with taped lines and portable nets, players can reserve these facilities to enjoy their game. The YMCA offers convenient amenities such as locker rooms, restrooms, water stations, and well-lit courts, ensuring a comfortable playing experience. Access to the pickleball courts requires a YMCA membership, providing an inclusive environment for all members to participate in this popular sport.
  2. Carter Park Hastings: It has  six dedicated outdoor courts. These courts feature permanent lines and nets, providing a reliable setup for players to enjoy their game. Best of all, access to the courts is free, making it accessible to all community members. Additionally, facilities include nearby restroom facilities, ensuring convenience for players during their pickleball sessions at Carter Park.
  3. Grand Island Tennis Center: It has six indoor courts, each adorned with carefully laid tape lines and equipped with portable nets, the center offers a premium setting for pickleball experts of all levels. A nominal one-time fee grants players access to these state-of-the-art facilities, which can be reserved in advance for convenience.

New Pickleball Courts in Nebraska

News in Brief: New Pickleball Courts in Nebraska

Pickleball is rapidly gaining popularity across the US, prompting a surge in demand for more courts nationwide. Enthusiasts of all ages are drawn to the sport for its agility, strategy, and social appeal, transforming empty spaces into vibrant community hubs. In La Vista, Nebraska, Smash Park has emerged as a dynamic entertainment destination, spanning 30,000 square feet indoors with pickleball courts, axe throwing, cornhole, duckpin bowling, and more. CEO Monty Lockyear cited local pickleball interest for choosing this location, following a successful launch in Columbus, Ohio. The venue also offers a diverse menu, live sports broadcasts, and a points-based rewards system.



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