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Frankfort Launches Pickleball Initiative for Youngsters at Kings Center

Frankfort Launches Pickleball Initiative for Youngsters: The Frankfort Pickleball Association, collaborating with the Frankfort Parks, Recreation, and Historic Sites Department, has introduced pickleball to youngsters from the Kings Center at Dolly Graham Park. This initiative aimed to promoting essential skills like hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and fundamental techniques through three distinct levels of play.

Deneen Petty, the dedicated director of the Kings Center, facilitated the participation of 20 eager children in this engaging program. The event not only introduced the sport but also provided a structured environment where children could develop physical abilities while learning to work together as a team.

Pickleball, a rapidly growing sport known for its accessibility and social aspects, expected to be an ideal choice for introducing recreational activities to the young participants. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, the children were able to grasp the basics of the game while enjoying the companionship that pickleball encourages.

The collaboration between the Frankfort Pickleball Association and the Parks Department underlines a commitment to promoting active lifestyles and community engagement among youth. By offering diverse levels of play modified to different skill levels, the program ensured that every participant had the opportunity to learn and grow, both individually and as part of a team.

“It was an exciting day for everyone to teach or learn to play pickleball, meet new people and get involved in a sport for every age and skill level” -(lindsay james)

News in Brief: Frankfort Launches Pickleball Initiative for Youngsters

The Frankfort Pickleball Association, in partnership with the Parks Department, introduced pickleball to youth at Dolly Graham Park’s Kings Center, fostering skills like coordination and teamwork across different skill levels. Led by Director Deneen Petty, 20 children enjoyed learning the sport’s basics in a structured, supportive environment, promoting active lifestyles and community engagement.



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