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El Paso Plans New Pickleball Courts Amid Growing Demand

El Paso Plans New Pickleball Courts: El Paso, Texas Locals applaud the decisive move of the El Paso City Council, which without opposition voted to direct the city manager to identify potential sites and funding for dedicated pickleball courts across the city.

Currently, El Paso hosts sixty multipurpose courts that serve tennis and pickleball players. However, according to Pickleball President Jamie Fisher, these facilities often fall short of meeting the specific needs of pickleball enthusiasts.

The city manager’s mandate includes assessing the practicality of establishing 8 to 12 new pickleball-specific courts. We anticipate that these findings will shape the city’s 2025 budget discussions, emphasizing the urgent need to cater to the community’s recreational needs.

All age groups have embraced pickleball, a rapidly growing sport that has gained substantial popularity in El Paso. This surge in interest has spurred calls for dedicated facilities adapted to the sport’s unique demands. The City Council’s decision reflects a proactive stance toward enhancing recreational infrastructure to meet evolving resident interests.

As the assessment progresses, it marks a significant milestone for local pickleball enthusiasts, eager to see improved facilities that can sustain the sport’s expansion. The community awaits eagerly to see how the city plans to support and accommodate this rising recreational activity.

News in Brief: El Paso Plans New Pickleball Courts

El Paso City Council without opposition voted to explore sites and funding for 8 to 12 new pickleball courts amid growing demand. Current multi-purpose courts for tennis and pickleball are deemed inadequate by local enthusiasts. The assessment, to be presented in the 2025 budget talks, highlights efforts to meet community recreational needs swiftly.



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