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Reese Witherspoon Embraces Pickleball and Fashion on Court

Reese Witherspoon Embraces Pickleball: Reese Witherspoon, renowned actress and founder of Draper James, has recently taken to the pickleball courts, showcasing her stylish approach to the trendy sport. On July 3, Witherspoon, 48, revealed her newfound passion for pickleball to her Instagram followers, marking what she calls her “pickleball era.”

Chic Activewear: Draper James on the Courts

Witherspoon flaunted her chic attire from her own Southern charm-inspired brand, Draper James. She sported a navy-and-white gingham two-piece ensemble featuring the Ruffled Skort and matching round-neck Sports Bra, both designed with stretchy materials and functional side pockets. The outfit, part of Draper James’s activewear collection, reflects Witherspoon’s signature blend of elegance and comfort, perfect for active pursuits like pickleball.

Witherspoon’s stylish choice immediately caught the eye, with the exact bottoms quickly selling out, a statement to their popularity. Fortunately, a wrap-style version remains available on, catering to enthusiasts looking to emulate her court-ready look.


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Family Affair: Sharing the Passion

Pickleball isn’t just a solo endeavor for Witherspoon; she’s passed on her love for the sport to her niece, Draper Witherspoon. Sharing a snapshot of their twinning skirt sets and matching red baseball caps adorned with the word “Happy,” Witherspoon highlighted their shared enthusiasm for both fashion and fitness on the court.

Beyond her pickleball adventures, Witherspoon’s summer style continues to make waves. Recently, glimpses of her vacation attire abroad showcased her affinity for breezy yet sophisticated fashion choices. Whether she’s exploring Italy in cropped pants paired with a cobalt blue sweater and sneakers or lounging by the sea in an Andie Swim black one-piece bathing suit and Wayfarer sunglasses, Witherspoon’s wardrobe epitomizes effortless chic suitable for any summer getaway.

Influence and Inspiration: Fashionable on and off the Court

Witherspoon’s ability to seamlessly blend sport and style underscores her influence not only in Hollywood but also in the fashion world. As she continues to inspire with her versatile fashion statements and active lifestyle, Reese Witherspoon remains a beacon of timeless elegance and contemporary flair both on and off the pickleball court.

Witherspoon’s dedication to pickleball serves as a statement to the sport’s growing popularity among celebrities and enthusiasts alike, all while maintaining a fashion-forward approach that defines her personal brand.

News in Brief: Reese Witherspoon Embraces Pickleball

Reese Witherspoon, known for her acting skills and fashion sense, has embraced pickleball with style. Sporting chic activewear from her brand Draper James, she showcased a navy-and-white gingham ensemble that quickly sold out, reflecting her signature blend of elegance and comfort. Witherspoon’s passion extends beyond the court, as she shares her love for pickleball with her niece, Draper Witherspoon, emphasizing both fashion and fitness.

Her summer style, from Italian getaways to seaside lounging, continues to inspire with breezy sophistication. Witherspoon’s influence shows pickleball’s rise in popularity among celebrities, highlighting her timeless elegance and contemporary flair both on and off the court.

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