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Physician Competes in Pickleball to Promote Awareness

Physician Competes in Pickleball: Pickleball captures hearts across all walks of life: for some, it’s a pursuit of physical well-being, a rhythmic dance of health and vitality; for others, a passionate pursuit where each stroke resonates with the thrill of competition; and yet, for many, it’s a noble cause, a platform to champion wellness and community spirit

In this arena, Dr. Farukh Khan, a local physician in Elkins, West Virginia, has emerged as a fervent advocate for physical fitness among seniors. At the recent Senior Pickleball and Racquetball Regionals in North Carolina, Khan, aged 73, showcased his prowess by clinching a silver medal despite facing challenges. His dedication not only underscores the competitive spirit within pickleball but also highlights its role in healthy lifestyles among older adults.

Championing Senior Fitness Through Athletic Competitions

In his 70s the physician competes in Pickleball, continues to defy age barriers by competing in various athletic competitions, driven by his passion for promoting senior fitness. Over recent weekends, the seasoned Elkins doctor embarked on a dual athletic journey. On June 22, Khan traveled to North Carolina to participate in the Senior Pickleball and Racquetball Regionals. Just a week later, on June 29, he was in Charleston for the West Virginia State Senior Games.

The reason I keep competing in all these events is to raise awareness and promote all of the different sports that I can for seniors,” Khan shared with The Inter-Mountain. “Following a good diet and exercise program can cut down on a lot of medication that people take. I take several medications myself, and if not for me staying on a good diet and exercising regularly, I would be taking more myself.

Physician Competes in Pickleball

Overcoming Challenges and Resilience

At 73, Khan stresses the importance of consulting with one’s physician before embarking on any new fitness or dietary regimen. Check with your doctor before you start anything,” he mentioned. When you start getting older, if you don’t regularly follow a good diet and exercise, it’s possible that you will end up taking all kinds of medications and having all kinds of surgeries.”

During his participation in North Carolina, Khan narrowly missed defending his pickleball title, securing a commendable silver medal. In 2023, Khan achieved an impressive sweep across state, regional, and national levels, clinching the National Senior Games championship. This victory granted him entry to the prestigious Huntsman World Senior Games.

Despite facing challenges in both pickleball and racquetball due to a quad injury, Khan remains resilient. “I had a little trouble in both the pickleball and racquetball tournaments, because I tore my right quad, and that happened because I wasn’t practicing my running enough. I went there and gave maximum effort and the muscles that I did not exercise with running, one of them tore.

Athletic Achievements and Community Outreach

Even with another year added to his age, Khan shattered his personal records set at the previous West Virginia Senior Games. His achievements included top honors in the 50-meter, 100-meter, and 200-meter races, alongside silver medals in long jump, triple jump, shot put, javelin, and discus. He also secured third place in the hammer throw.

“I play pickleball every day that I can, I am willing to give free lessons to seniors in pickleball or any of the other sports I compete in. I will teach them and coach them in any activity they would like. They don’t have to be patient of mine, either. They just have to call the office and reach out to me and I will help.” -( Dr. Farukh Khan)

His outstanding performance at the state level has earned him a spot to represent West Virginia in the upcoming Pan American Games, scheduled in Cleveland, Ohio, where senior athletes from the United States, Canada, and South America will gather. Additionally, Khan has qualified for next year’s National Pickleball and Racquetball Senior Tournament in Iowa.

News in Brief: Physician Competes in Pickleball

Dr. Farukh Khan, a dedicated advocate for senior fitness in Elkins, West Virginia, exemplifies the spirit of pickleball as both a competitive pursuit and a catalyst for healthy living. At 73, the physician competes in Pickleball, he continues to excel in athletic competitions, recently earning a silver medal at the Senior Pickleball and Racquetball Regionals despite challenges. His commitment extends beyond personal achievements, emphasizing the importance of diet, exercise, and medical consultation for seniors. Khan’s resilience and community outreach, including offering free lessons, highlight his impact. His upcoming participation in the Pan American Games and qualification for national tournaments underscore his ongoing dedication to promoting wellness through sports.


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