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Kansas City Welcomes New Pickleball Hub, Set to Revive East Side

Kansas City Welcomes New Pickleball Hub: Daryl Wyatt’s primary focus isn’t on the Royals or the Chiefs’ future locations. Despite the uncertainty surrounding its sports neighbors, Daryl Wyatt remains focused on renovating the former CoCo Key Water Resort into a regional pickleball hub.

Wyatt, along with co-owner Julie Gibson, is leading the development of SW19, a pickleball club that will also house the city’s first professional league team in Eastern Jackson County. Their goal is to create a healthy, accessible, and enjoyable environment for East Side residents.

“In that area, there is such a need for something along these lines and programming for the youth”

“We’re extremely fortunate to be part of that, and the area is definitely in need of a bright spot”- (wyatt)

He collaborates with the Community Builders of Kansas City, an urban core developer that obtained the 12.4-acre site in 2020.

Wyatt plans to engage local schools to set up youth programs where kids can learn and compete in pickleball while gaining knowledge about running a recreational business. This initiative follows the successful launch of SW19 Tennis and Pickleball in Leawood two years ago.

Their immediate plan is to open the facility in time for PickleCon, a major event at the Kansas City Convention Center from Aug. 9 to 11, featuring National Pickleball League competitions. Wyatt, a Kansas City Stingers team member, aims to have the venue ready for this local pro-NPL team.

Looking ahead, another significant event is the FIFA 2026 World Cup. Wyatt hopes to host events and open houses during the World Cup, touted as Kansas City’s most significant sporting event since its founding days.

“We really want to tie in and get some events and open houses going,The beauty of it is we have some time.”-(wyatt)

Despite the uncertainty about the professional sports teams across the street, pickleball’s popularity is rising. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, it’s the fastest-growing sport in the country.

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Kansas City, particularly Overland Park, is already known for its pickleball enthusiasm, with numerous public and private courts. However, the East Side has fewer facilities, making SW19 a crucial addition.

Community Builders of Kansas City has additional plans for the former hotel site, considering a new hotel or a mixed-use project with affordable multi-family units. Wyatt supports these developments, eager to contribute to the area’s renovation.

News in Brief: Kansas City Welcomes New Pickleball Hub

Daryl Wyatt and co-owner Julie Gibson are renovating the former CoCo Key Water Resort into SW19, a regional pickleball hub and home to Eastern Jackson County’s first professional league team. Partnering with Community Builders of Kansas City, they aim to create a healthy, accessible environment for East Side residents and youth programs. The facility plans to open for PickleCon in August, hosting National Pickleball League competitions. With Kansas City’s pickleball popularity rising, SW19 will address the need for more facilities on the East Side and support local renevation efforts, including potential new hotel or mixed-use projects.

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