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Pickleball Courts at Kiroli Park in Game Changing Upgrades

Pickleball Courts at Kiroli Park: Kiroli Park in West Monroe, Louisiana, is on the brink of exciting transformations aimed at developing its recreational offerings for the local community. NBC News 10’s Joel Massey brings insight into the eagerly anticipated upgrades planned for the park’s facilities. Highlighting the upcoming reorientation of tennis courts to optimize playing conditions and the introduction of a dedicated pickleball court, the park is assured to serve wide range of interests. With significant funding secured through federal grants, including projects to renovate walking trails and develop the Sunken Garden, Kiroli Park is set to become a hub for both pickleball and tennis enthusiasts alike.

The tennis courts at Kiroli Park will transform, with plans to reorient them by 90 degrees to optimize sunlight angles for players. But in between these changes, there’s exciting news for pickleball enthusiasts.

Matt Turpin, a local dentist and avid pickleball player of 8 years, highlights the sport’s recent development in popularity in West Monroe, comparing its appeal favorably with tennis due to its accessibility and multi-generational appeal.

“It’s easier, less court to cover and you can pair off with a younger person, old person and be fine.” -turpin.

Impressed by the sport, Turpin took the initiative by marking pickleball lines on a tennis court at Kiroli Park. Now, with funding secured through the Land and Water Conservation Fund grant from the National Parks Service, there are plans to construct a dedicated pickleball court.

City of West Monroe Chief of Staff Courtney Hornsby discusses the project’s estimated $120,000 cost, split equally between federal grant funding and city investment. Work on the project started on July 1st, marking a milestone after extensive planning and anticipation.

“We’ve been working on this grant for a long time and we’re very excited to see that work is finally beginning on it.” -(Courtney Hornsby)

The new courts are expected to be ready for use by Fall, coinciding with another federal grant-funded project to renovate the park’s walking trails. Additionally, an old pool area, known as the Sunken Garden from its days as a Boy Scout camp, will be transformed with a $20,000 federal grant aimed at creating a botanical showcase featuring diverse flowers and plants.

Kiroli Park’s upgrades promise to develop recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike, promoting both pickleball and tennis as vibrant activities within the community.

Pickleball Courts at Kiroli Park

News in Brief: Pickleball Courts at Kiroli Park

Kiroli Park in West Monroe, Louisiana, is undergoing upgrades to its recreational facilities, including reorienting tennis courts for optimal play and adding a dedicated pickleball court. Local dentist and pickleball enthusiast Matt Turpin’s initiative to mark pickleball lines paved the way for these developments, supported by a $120,000 federal grant and city investment. The project, led by Courtney Hornsby of the City of West Monroe, signifies a significant community effort. Anticipated to be completed by Fall, these improvements coincide with plans to renovate walking trails and transform the Sunken Garden into a botanical showcase, developing recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

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