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E-Town Pickleball sees Rapid Growth in Initial 6 Months

E-Town Pickleball sees Rapid Growth: E-Town Pickleball @ The Warehouse has seen remarkable growth in its first six months of operation, reflecting the sport’s surging popularity across America. Pickleball’s appeal lies in its simplicity—easy to learn with minimal rules, making it accessible to anyone familiar with tennis or ping-pong. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective sport requiring minimal equipment, offering a low-impact way to burn calories while fostering social connections among friends and groups.

Opened on January 1st this year, The Warehouse, a membership-based indoor pickleball facility in Elizabethton, was spearheaded by owner Michele Zoerb. Initially launched as a program under the Elizabethton Parks and Recreation Department, E-Town Pickleball Club quickly grew to over 300 members. The move to The Warehouse was prompted by the demand for year-round court facilities, providing a climate-controlled environment that ensures optimal playing conditions irrespective of outdoor weather.

Located at 175 Hudson Drive, E-Town Pickleball operates daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., featuring open play sessions from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The facility utilizes CourtReserve, an app facilitating online court reservations. It caters to both intermediate and advanced players through block play sessions and weekly mixers. League play is available for all skill levels, complemented by private and semi-private lessons, clinics, and drill sessions designed to enhance competitiveness.

Zoerb expressed gratitude for the community’s enthusiastic response, noting the club’s role in forging lasting friendships among members. Many of the region’s top players frequent the courts, representing E-Town Pickleball at various competitive tournaments. Looking ahead, Zoerb aims to elevate the player experience by expanding training options, organizing leagues, team events, and round-robin group play to accommodate diverse skill levels.

“The community response has been tremendous, bringing pickleball players from all over the Tri-Cities. Most of the original club members play here on a regular basis and call each other friends. Many of the best players in the Tri-Cities play on our courts and represent E-Town Pickleball at professional pickleball tournaments,” -( Michele Zoerb)

With the significant growth experienced by E-Town Pickleball, Zoerb has set her sights on further expansion. The focus is on enhancing the player experience by broadening training and activity options. The goal is to enable players of all skill levels to enhance their skills and engage in organized play with peers of similar abilities. Plans include expanding leagues, team events, and round-robin group play to cater to a wider range of participants on their schedule.

“We want to focus on the player experience, and with that, we will expand our training and activity options. Players of all skill levels should be able to improve their game and enjoy organized games with other players of similar levels. Leagues, team events, and round-robin group play will be expanded on our schedule,” -( Michele Zoerb)

As E-Town Pickleball continues to thrive, Zoerb invites newcomers to join during July, celebrating America’s birthday with special incentives for new members. For more details, visit their Facebook page to stay updated on upcoming events and offerings

About E-Town Pickleball: Facility Overview

  • Time & Location: The Warehouse is a membership-based indoor pickleball facility located at 175 Hudson Drive in Elizabethton, open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Membership Growth: E-Town Pickleball Club grew from its origins in the Elizabethton Parks and Recreation Department to over 300 members, leading to the establishment of The Warehouse for year-round play.
  • Facility Features: The indoor facility offers professional court surfaces in a climate-controlled environment, eliminating weather-related interruptions such as wind, sun, snow, and rain.
  • Court Reservations: Utilizes the CourtReserve app for convenient online court reservations, ensuring efficient scheduling for members.
  • Programs and Events: Offers a variety of play options including open play, block play for different skill levels, weekly mixer events, league play, private lessons, clinics, and drill sessions.

E-Town Pickleball sees Rapid Growth

News in Brief: E-Town Pickleball sees Rapid Growth

E-Town Pickleball @ The Warehouse has rapidly grown since opening on January 1st, reflecting the sport’s popularity surge in America. Located in Elizabethton, the facility caters to over 300 members seeking year-round pickleball in a climate-controlled setting. Offering ease of access via CourtReserve for court reservations, it hosts diverse play options including open sessions, leagues, and training programs. Owner Michele Zoerb emphasizes community and player development, fostering friendships among members and attracting top regional players. With plans to expand activities and enhance player experiences, E-Town Pickleball continues to celebrate its success with new member incentives and a commitment to future growth.

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