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Cullman Adds 4 Covered Pickleball Courts Near Active Adult Center

Cullman Adds 4 Covered Pickleball Courts: Cullman residents will soon have access to four new covered pickleball courts, uplifting their recreational opportunities. Scheduled to open in early August, these courts mark a significant addition to the city’s sporting landscape.

Nathan Anderson, Executive Director of Cullman Parks, Recreation, and Sports Tourism, expressed gratitude towards Mayor Woody Jacobs and the city council for their leadership and support in meeting the growing demand for pickleball facilities. The new courts, located nearby to the Donald E. Green Active Adult Center near Ingle Park, will be standard-sized and enclosed by 6-foot-tall fences. A covered pavilion with picnic table seating will complement the area, providing a versatile space for players and spectators alike.

 “We appreciate Mayor (Woody) Jacobs for leading the way in building additional courts, and we thank the council for their support. We have been diligently working to meet the growing demand for pickleball courts.”-(cullman parks)

While Ingle Park already hosts pickleball courts, these new additions will be the first covered courts in the area, ensuring enthusiasts can enjoy the sport regardless of weather conditions.

“We’re excited to be able to provide the first covered pickleball courts in the city,This new facility will allow for people to play year-round, regardless of weather conditions.”-(jacobs)

The courts are part of Cullman’s expanding “Omnisports District,” which aims to integrate various recreational facilities across the west side of town. The district, which spans from Heritage Park to the Active Adult Center and includes the Cullman Wellness and Aquatic Center and WildWater, is poised to become a hub for sports and community activities. innovative for the Omniplex Sports and Civic Center, the district’s centerpiece, took place in November 2023. Once completed, the 115,000-square-foot facility will feature eight basketball courts, 16 volleyball courts, multiple pickleball courts, and versatile convention and meeting spaces.

This initiative reflects Cullman’s proactive approach to develop recreational infrastructure, ensuring residents have access to modern facilities, and promoting a vibrant community spirit.

News in Brief: Cullman Adds 4 Covered Pickleball Courts

Cullman, Alabama is set to disclose four new covered pickleball courts by early August, strengthening recreational opportunities. Located near Ingle Park, these standard-sized courts will feature a 6-foot-tall enclosure and a pavilion with picnic tables. Mayor Woody Jacobs praised the addition as a commitment to year-round sports accessibility, part of Cullman’s expanding Omnisports District. This initiative underlines the city’s proactive efforts to support recreational infrastructure and community engagement.

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