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Will Howells Emerges as Rising Star of the APP Tour

Will Howells Emerges as Rising Star: Will Howells is rapidly making waves on the APP Tour with two gold medals in 2024, presenting his undeniable talent and competitive spirit. But to understand Will’s rise, we need to go through his past.

Growing up in Richmond  Virginia, Will was a multi-sport athlete. His passion for sports was evident early on, and at 13, he made a bold move to South Florida to chase his tennis dreams. Staying with a host family initially, his family soon followed, supporting his developing career. Training under the legendary Nick Saviano, who also coached Genie Bouchard, Will refined his skills and mental toughness, which would later become crucial in his athletic pursuits.

The Transition to Pickleball

After a promising junior career and a period at the University of Notre Dame, where he posted an impressive 45-18 singles record, an unfortunate ankle injury during his junior year put a mark on his professional tennis aspirations. Life took a turn, and Will found himself stepping away from the tennis courts.

Fast forward to February 2023, and a chance encounter with a pickleball paddle changed everything. Intrigued and excited by the game, Will began playing recreationally before seeking more competitive matches at the Delray Tennis Center. Training alongside top players like JW Johnson, Anna Bright, and Bobbi Oshiro, he rapidly progressed. Despite juggling a full-time job at an alcohol distribution company, Will dedicated his evenings to rigorous, focused training sessions, incorporating the “quality over quantity” approach.

Climbing the Ranks

Will’s competitive drive found new life in pickleball. By May 2023, he was competing in professional tournaments. His journey was marked by notable performances, including an eighth-place finish at the APP Sunmed St. Louis Open and a fourth-place finish at the APP Dallas Open. His singles play also impressed, with a seventh-place finish in St. Louis, just six months into his pickleball journey.

His breakthrough came at the APP Punta Gorda, where he and CJ Klinger secured gold in men’s doubles. A string of victories, including a decisive win over the Johnson brothers, cemented his status as a competitor. February 2024 saw him shine at the PPA Desert Ridge, where he dominated the singles qualifiers and notched a win over Ryan Sherry in the main draw.

Sacramento Success and Beyond

Howells secured silver in men’s doubles at the APP Sacramento Open partnered with JW Johnson. In singles, he succeeded over Chris Haworth and Jack Foster to claim his first singles gold medal on tour. His rapid rise is undeniable, and despite not yet being signed by the PPA or MLP, Will’s future in pro pickleball looks bright.

Recent Performances

Will’s recent performance at the APP Newport Beach Open further strengthened his status as an up-and-coming star. He teamed up with Patrick Kawka in men’s pro doubles, securing a silver medal. In mixed pro doubles, he partnered with Bobbi Oshiro to clinch another silver. These achievements highlight his consistency and ability to compete at the highest levels across different events.

Will Howells Emerges as Rising Star 

The Man Behind the Medals

Will Howells’ journey isn’t just about his athletic achievements. It’s also about his character. After his singles victory in Sacramento, Will posted on Instagram, highlighting a touching moment with a young fan named Joshua. After the final, Will gifted Joshua his paddle, signed it, and took photos, presenting his genuine and humble nature.

In PPA standings he ranks 12th in men’s doubles, Will’s performance across tours underlines his potential. With upcoming participation in the MLP Mid-Season Tournament, he has the chance to reaffirm his position among the elite.

In the world of pickleball, Will Howells is a name to watch, a player who combines skill, determination, and a commendable sportsmanship that endears him to fans and peers alike. His story is one of strength and passion, proving that with the right mindset, any setback can be a setup for an incredible comeback.

News in Brief: Will Howells Emerges as Rising Star

In a remarkable rise, Will Howells has swiftly risen to prominence on the APP Tour, claiming two gold medals in 2024. Transitioning from tennis to pickleball after a Transformative injury, Howells’ dedication and skill have lead him to success. His journey includes training under Nick Saviano and overcoming setbacks, peakingin recent victories alongside notable players like JW Johnson and Bobbi Oshiro. With a humble demeanor and impressive results, Howells is ready to make an enduring impact in professional pickleball.

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