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Best Pickleball Balls to Choose for 2024: Game Changing Guide

Best Pickleball Balls to Choose for 2024: When selecting pickleball balls, players should consider their playing environment and personal style. The Franklin X-40 Outdoor is recommended for its consistent performance and affordability outdoors, catering to players of all skill levels. Advanced players may prefer the ONIX Dura Fast 40 for its faster pace, despite concerns about durability in colder climates. The CORE Outdoor ball is praised for its resilience and accuracy in windy conditions. The Selkirk Pro S1 stands out for its exceptional durability under intense play, while the PCKL Elite 40 offers crack resistance, making it suitable for year-round use in colder climates. Choose wisely based on your specific playing conditions and preferences.

Pickleball balls wield significant influence over your game, dictating pace, bounce, and durability. Finding the right ones is as crucial as selecting the perfect pickleball paddle.

1. Franklin X-40 Outdoor

Franklin X-40 Outdoor balls, reclaiming the top spot this year due to their unmatched consistency and reliability. Initially hailed as the “best budget” choice last year, these balls have proven themselves worthy of the highest accolades. They’ve become a staple on outdoor courts, valued for their reliability and affordability,.

Best Pickleball Balls to Choose for 2024

Best Suited For: Designed specifically for outdoor play, the Franklin X-40s are ideal for players who brave various weather conditions and rugged court surfaces (temperatures above 40º). Approved by USA Pickleball for tournament use, they are renowned for their durability and consistent performance.

Features: Franklin X-40 balls boast a standard 40-hole design tailored for outdoor environments. Their seamless, one-piece construction enhances durability, ensuring they withstand intense gameplay without cracking prematurely.

Design and Finishing: Available in multiple colors to enhance visibility across different court conditions, these balls maintain visibility even in low-light settings. Their softer, slower playstyle compared to the Onix Dura suits the evolving dynamics of modern pickleball, adapting well to powerful paddle technologies.

2. ONIX Dura Fast 40

The ONIX Dura Fast 40s take the second spot for their impressive speed, making them a favorite among advancing players. Widely recognized as one of the most popular choices in the pickleball market, these balls have a storied history as the pioneers in dedicated pickleball balls.

Maintaining their position in the top picks for 2024, the Dura Fast 40s are cherished by many advanced players, particularly those at the 4.0 level and above. They offer the ability to play a faster, more intense game suitable for tournament-style play, although durability is a concern as they tend to crack over time.

These balls are endorsed by the Association of Pickleball Players (APP) and were previously the official ball of the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) until being succeeded by the Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT in 2024.

Best Pickleball Balls to Choose for 2024

Best Suited For: Ideal for intermediate to advanced players looking to elevate their game, these balls provide exceptional on-court performance and a consistent bounce. Players below a 4.0 rating may prefer the more forgiving Franklin X-40 for honing their skills.

Features: The Dura Fast 40s feature 40 precisely drilled holes designed specifically for outdoor play, incorporating a patented design with two different hole sizes to optimize flight patterns.

Design and Finishing: Available in neon green and yellow, these balls boast an eye-catching appearance fresh out of the package. While firmer than the PCKL Elite, they offer a softer touch compared to CORE balls.

However, their durability can be a concern, especially in colder climates where they may crack prematurely. During a practice session in Phoenix with temperatures below 40º, these balls showed susceptibility to cracking early on, despite their initial appeal and performance benefits.

3. CORE Outdoor

CORE ball is in the list due to its exceptional performance on the court. With a reliable bounce and precise trajectory control, it delivers even in challenging windy conditions.

Best Pickleball Balls to Choose for 2024

Best Suited For: Ideal for intermediate to advanced pickleball players who frequently play outdoors, especially in tough weather conditions like wind and rain. However, it’s less suitable for temperatures below 45ºF. Designed to withstand aggressive play, it’s particularly favored by players who enjoy a powerful style of play.

Features: The CORE ball features a standard 40-hole design and is weighted to the maximum allowable limit set by USA Pickleball regulations. It utilizes a proprietary urethane blend that CORE claims is five times stronger than average pickleballs, ensuring durability and resilience under rigorous play conditions.

Design and Finishing: Known for its firmness, the CORE ball offers heightened responsiveness and speed compared to its competitors. Its lively performance on the court makes it well-suited for intense gameplay at the highest levels.

4. Selkirk Pro S1

The Selkirk Pro S1s are a top recommendation for this year because they’ve dethroned the JOOLA Primo with their unmatched durability, standing strong even after a rigorous 3-hour session in chilly Phoenix winter conditions with three other hard hitters.

Best Suited For: Ideal for aggressive players (“bangers”) who are frustrated by frequent ball breakage during intense play sessions. Selkirk has engineered these balls to withstand the toughest hits without cracking, making them a game-changer for durability.

Features: Selkirk sets itself apart as a pickleball innovator with the Pro S1’s unique design. Unlike standard balls with 40 holes, the S1 features 38 holes, enhancing aerodynamics and overall strength according to Selkirk. While there is no hint of significant aerodynamic differences, their durability speaks for itself.

Design and Finishing: Packaged in premium casing, the S1s exude quality reminiscent of unboxing an Apple product in the pickleball world. Their vibrant, neon color stands out compared to the duller Franklin X-40s, adding to their appeal on the court.

The S1 Pros’ fewer and varied hole sizes increase surface area, enhancing spin potential. They maintain their performance in both warm and cold conditions, though some users noted occasional warping, likely due to their robust construction. A brief rest or gentle rolling on the ground can restore their shape, ensuring continued playability.

5. PCKL Elite 40

The PCKL Elite 40 remains a solid choice for pickleball players, particularly in colder climates, alongside the Selkirk S1s for crack-resistant durability.

Best Pickleball Balls to Choose for 2024

Best Suited For: Ideal for players in colder states and those who play year-round, the PCKL Elite 40 is designed to perform well in various weather conditions, earning its title as the best all-weather ball for 2024. Its bright neon green color enhances visibility, making it suitable for low-light conditions.

Features: Featuring a standard 40-hole pattern, these balls are rotationally molded in one piece to prevent cracking, thanks to a specialized plastic blend that maintains strength, even in cold temperatures.

Design and Finishing: Available only in neon green, the Elite 40 offers high visibility on the court, reducing mishits by naturally drawing the eye. Its color and design reflect PCKL’s trademark quality and appeal.

While generally crack-resistant, occasional inconsistencies in bounce have been reported, underscoring the need for continued refinement. Nonetheless, the Elite 40’s performance remains commendable, providing a reliable choice for pickleball enthusiasts across varying playing conditions.

News in Brief: Best Pickleball Balls to Choose for 2024

When choosing pickleball balls, consider your playing environment and style. The Franklin X-40 Outdoor leads with consistent performance and affordability, ideal for all skill levels in outdoor conditions. Advanced players may prefer the faster ONIX Dura Fast 40, despite durability concerns. The CORE Outdoor excels in windy conditions with its precise bounce and durability. The Selkirk Pro S1 stands out for durability under intense play, while the PCKL Elite 40 offers crack resistance, perfect for colder climates. Each ball caters to different needs, from tournament-level performance to durability in harsh conditions, ensuring players find the perfect match for their game.

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