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Biggest Pickleball Tournament Outside USAP And US Open: Astounding 1071 matches

Biggest Pickleball Tournament: Under the sun-drenched skies of Newport Beach, California, the OWL APP Newport Beach Open unfolded as a spectacular showcase of skill, drama, and community spirit on the APP Tour. With temperatures hovering comfortably in the mid-70s and a refreshing ocean breeze sweeping through, nearly 1800 players descended upon this iconic venue, making it one of the largest pickleball tournaments outside the revered US Open and USA Pickleball National Championships.

The tournament commenced with an astounding 1,071 matches played on Friday alone, setting a new benchmark for the scale and intensity of competition in pickleball’s vibrant landscape. The sheer volume of matches underscored the event’s stature as a pinnacle for players and spectators alike, prompting whispers of potential inclusion in the Guinness World Records.

Beyond Medals: Bonds and Benevolence

While podium finishes were celebrated, the true essence of the OWL APP Newport Beach Open lay in the connections forged and the causes championed off the courts. In a heartwarming collaboration with The Sasha Project, the tournament raised funds for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, spotlighting sixteen-year-old Sasha’s inspiring journey with Cerebral Palsy Right Hemiplegia and her creative contributions through hand-painted denim jackets.


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Spotlight on Pro Highlights and Heroics

Throughout the tournament, standout performances illuminated the courts. Local favorite Emily Cederquist dazzled her fans with a bronze in singles and an electrifying gold in women’s doubles alongside partner Yana Newell, creating moments of pure jubilation amidst the backdrop of familial support.

Erik Lange and “Purple Jesus” Manthou enthralled spectators with their triumphant quest for the men’s pro doubles title, delivering a masterclass in teamwork and determination that resonated deeply with their purple-clad supporters.

The pinnacle of the Newport Beach Open unfolded in Megan Fudge’s remarkable display of skill and resilience. She etched her name in the annals of pickleball history by securing not one but two gold medals, highlighting her dominance with six golds throughout the year. Her epic duel against Kate Fahey in the women’s singles final captivated audiences, culminating in a nail-biting three-game thriller that showcased the sport’s intensity and unwavering competitive spirit.

Looking Ahead: Chicago Beckons

As the echoes of Newport Beach’s excitement fade, anticipation mounts for the next chapter in Chicago. The APP Tour continues its journey, promising more riveting matches, unexpected twists, and unforgettable moments that define the essence of pickleball at its finest. Stay tuned as players and fans alike prepare to witness the drama unfold once again on the courts of Chicago, where the pursuit of excellence and the spirit of camaraderie converge in the world of pickleball.

The OWL APP Newport Beach Open was not just a tournament but a testament to the sport’s enduring appeal and the community it fosters. As players reflect on their triumphs and challenges, and as fans eagerly await the next spectacle, Newport Beach remains a beacon of pickleball excellence, setting the stage for future exploits and unforgettable memories on the APP Tour.

APP Newport Beach Open Recap

News in Brief: Biggest Pickleball Tournament

The OWL APP Newport Beach Open in California showcased pickleball’s vibrant community and competitive spirit, drawing nearly 1800 players to its iconic venue. With over 1000 matches played in a single day, the tournament set a new standard for intensity and scale in the sport.

Beyond the thrilling competition, the event build connections and supported charitable causes like The Sasha Project, raising funds for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Standout performances included Emily Cederquist’s bronze and gold medals, and Megan Fudge’s historic double gold, highlighting Newport Beach’s pivotal role in pickleball history. As the tour moves to Chicago, anticipation builds for more memorable moments and fierce competition, reinforcing Newport Beach as a cornerstone of pickleball excellence and community camaraderie on the APP Tour.

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