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APP Next Gen Event: Cultivating Future Pickleball Champions

APP Next Gen Event: Series isn’t just about competition; it’s a crucial platform for young pickleball players to make their mark on a national stage. This initiative aims to provide promising American talent with invaluable coaching, education, and competitive opportunities alongside seasoned professionals. Through mentorship and competitive play, the program prepares young adults for potential future roles representing the United States in international and professional APP Tour events.

Pathway to Excellence: APP Next Gen II

Central to nurturing emerging talent within the pickleball community is the APP Next Gen II series. Exclusively tailored for players aged 23 and under, this series not only offers a competitive environment but also serves as a stepping stone to broader recognition and career opportunities in the sport.

The upcoming tournament APP Next Gen: St. Louis tournament is set to take place from July 19-21, 2024, in St. Charles, Missouri. This tournament is a key fixture in the APP Next Gen Tour, focused on nurturing the next generation of American pickleball champions. It will feature amateur and collegiate players competing for prize money, offering a prime opportunity for young adults to showcase their skills and potentially secure a spot on the prestigious APP U.S. Next Gen National Team.

Current Standings and Progress

As of June 25, 2024, here’s a glimpse into the latest top 20 standings in both the men’s and women’s categories. These rankings reflect ongoing achievements and serve as a barometer of progress in the competitive journey of these young athletes.

Women’s Standings:

Rank Name State Points
1 Riley Bohnert Kentucky 5220
2 Alia Brown Georgia 4580
3 Ava Kalist Pennsylvania 4380
4 Bella Nelson Florida 3960
5 Elise Fortino Colorado 3650
6 Darcy Shore Nevada 3560
7 Olivia Sutton Missouri 3360
8 Lauren Mercado Nevada 3070
9 Ivy Tschetter Minnesota 2610
10 Averee Beck Utah 2520
11 Chandra Kusuma South Carolina 2460
12 Abigail Okelley Tennessee 2380
13 Mary Monson Utah 2310
14 Lucah Folden Arizona 2260
15 Hannah Okelley Tennessee 2020
16 Brooke Revuelta Florida 1720
17 Allison Phillips Utah 1700
18 Alexa Schull Florida 1520
19 Olivia Phillips Utah 1420
20 Chloe Igleski Idaho 1300

Men’s Standings:

Rank Name State Points
1 Richard Livornese Jr New Jersey 5120
2 Spencer Lanier Oregon 4800
3 Jayden Broderick South Carolina 4400
4 Elijah Bertram Illinois 4340
5 Clayton Powell Oregon 4195
6 Aidan Schenk Oregon 4080
7 Cameron Luhring Nebraska 3860
8 Will Gardner Oregon 3799
9 Kaden Seward Missouri 3677
10 Brake Palm California 3655
11 Elliott Schupp Arkansas 3620
12 Alec Lamacchio Florida 3540
13 Jack Munro Texas 3380
14 Jonathan Merchan California 2882
15 Zach Gonnering Wisconsin 2835
16 Chandler Carnett Texas 2765
17 Axel Morgan South Carolina 2703
18 Garrett Singletary Texas 2701
19 Alexander Valencia Florida 2611
20 Jack Foster Texas 2603

Rewards and Growth

Participants in the Next Gen II events earn ranking points that contribute significantly to their standing in a rolling 52-week points system. These points play a pivotal role in future tournament selections, including the possibility of earning wildcards for prestigious Next Gen tournaments such as the upcoming event in Dallas from November 1 to November 3, 2024.

Shaping Future Champions

More than just a series of tournaments, the APP Next Gen and Next Gen II events are instrumental in identifying and fostering the future stars of pickleball. Beyond competitive achievements, participants have opportunities to catch the eye of selectors for the U.S. Next Gen National Team or the Training Assistance Program (TAP), which further enhances their path toward excellence in the sport.

As the season unfolds, these rankings will continue to evolve, showcasing the dynamic and promising futures of these young athletes within the world of pickleball. Stay tuned for updates as these rising stars continue to pursue greatness and carve out their place in the sport’s elite ranks.

APP Next Gen Event

News in Brief: APP Next Gen Event

The APP Next Gen Event Series is pivotal for young pickleball players aspiring to excel nationally, offering coaching, education, and competitive opportunities alongside seasoned professionals. The APP Next Gen II series, designed for players aged 23 and under, serves as a critical stepping stone in their careers, providing both competitive experience and pathways to broader recognition. As of June 25, 2024, top contenders like Riley Bohnert and Richard Livornese Jr. lead the standings, showcasing their progress and potential.

These rankings impact future tournament selections and wildcard opportunities, shaping the future of pickleball’s rising stars. The upcoming APP Next Gen: St. Louis tournament from July 19-21, 2024, in Missouri promises to highlight emerging talent and further elevate the sport’s competitive landscape.

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