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MLP Washington DC Preview: Grand Affair in the Capital

MLP Washington DC Preview: The pickleball world turns its eyes to Washington, D.C., as the nation’s capital hosts the second Major League Pickleball (MLP) event of the season. Beginning on June 13 with Challenger play and ramping up on June 14 for Premier matches, this event promises an exciting showcase of talent and strategy. With 17 Premier matches extending over three days, fans are in for a treat as seasoned pros and rising stars battle it out on the courts.

Day One: The Opening Salvo

Friday marks the beginning of a new chapter for Carolina and Utah, both making their season debuts. Carolina, formerly known as Seattle, and Utah, will join five other teams in what promises to be an electrifying start to the weekend. The opening match sets Utah against Texas. Texas, featuring Quang Duong, Pablo Tellez, Etta Wright, and Tina Pisnik, had a lukewarm performance in Atlanta. Despite this, they are expected to start strong against Utah’s squad of Tyler Loong, Jay Devilliers, Callie Smith, and Alix Truong. While Texas might be favored, Utah is no easy prey.


Carolina’s team, led by the invincible Ben Johns alongside Collin Johns, Andrea Koop, and Jessie Irvine, will face New York in their first match. New York’s lineup—Jack Sock, CJ Klinger, Lea Jansen, and Jackie Kawamoto—had a rough outing in Atlanta, securing only four points across three matches. For New York, a strong performance in D.C. is critical to their playoff aspirations, yet they face an uphill battle against the powerhouse Carolina team.

Dallas and D.C. both see double duty on Friday. Dallas, featuring JW Johnson, Augie Ge, Jorja Johnson, and Tyra Black, had a mixed showing in Atlanta, capturing seven points from four matches. They aim to improve their standing with winnable matches against Carolina and New York. D.C., with James Ignatowich, Dekel Bar, Rachel Rohrabacher, and Allyce Jones, secured eight points in Atlanta and sits in second place overall. Playing two matches each day on their home turf, D.C. hopes to maintain or improve their position, though their road is fraught with challenging opponents.

Day Two: The Jack Sock Showcase

Saturday’s lineup is shorter but no less intense, featuring only four matches. However, two of those matches star the charismatic Jack Sock and his New York team. Sock, a crowd favorite, ensures that New York’s matches against St. Louis and D.C. will be must-see events. St. Louis, led by Hayden Patriquin, Gabe Tardio, Anna Bright, and Kate Fahey, topped the standings in Atlanta, garnering 12 points from five matches. As they face New York, St. Louis is heavily favored and could solidify their playoff position with another strong showing.


For D.C., Saturday is crucial. Their matches against New York and Dallas are critical for maintaining their playoff trajectory. The D.C. vs. Dallas match promises high stakes and high drama, potentially serving as a preview for the postseason.

Day Three: The Final Push

Sunday, the final day of MLP D.C., is packed with seven matches, starting with Utah against New York. This match presents Utah with their best chance to notch a win, though neither team is viewed as a playoff contender. St. Louis, the league leader, faces D.C. and Carolina in two highly anticipated clashes. These matches are expected to be fiercely contested, as all three teams are playoff favorites. The showdown between St. Louis and Carolina features the best player, Ben Johns, against the most valuable MLP player, Anna Bright, a duel that promises to entertain audiences.

Sunday’s action reaches a final in a Texas vs. Dallas rematch. Dallas triumphed 3-1 in Atlanta, but the teams are closely matched, suggesting another competitive encounter that could be decided by a Dreambreaker.

Final Thoughts

With MLP D.C. marking the second event of the season, teams will begin to separate from the pack, for better or worse. New York faces immense pressure; failing to secure at least ten points by the end of this event could doom their playoff hopes. St. Louis, D.C., Dallas, and Texas all seek solid performances to stay on course for the postseason. Carolina aims to start strong with a minimum of eight points, while Utah enters with modest expectations. A surprise five-point haul from Utah would be a notable achievement.

MLP Washington DC Preview
Image credit: Major League Pickleball

For those in or near Washington, D.C., attending the MLP live is an opportunity not to be missed. For the rest, the weekend promises four days of pickleball action, with Friday to Sunday featuring the premier teams.

As the players prepare to take the court, the anticipation builds for what promises to be a spectacular display of athleticism, strategy, and competitive spirit. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the sport, MLP Washington D.C. is set to deliver an unforgettable experience.

News in Brief: MLP Washington DC Preview

The Major League Pickleball (MLP) event in Washington, D.C., kicks off on June 13 with Challenger play, followed by Premier matches on June 14. The event features 17 Premier matches over three days, highlighting top-tier talent and thrilling competition.

Day one sees Carolina (formerly Seattle) and Utah making their season debuts. Carolina’s intimidating lineup includes Ben and Collin Johns, Andrea Koop, and Jessie Irvine, who are facing a struggling New York team. Texas, led by Quang Duong and Etta Wright, competes against Utah’s Tyler Loong and Jay Devilliers. Dallas and D.C. also play multiple matches, with D.C. aiming to maintain their strong second-place standing.

Saturday features fewer matches but includes crowd favorite Jack Sock and his New York team, facing St. Louis and D.C. St. Louis, the league leader, seeks to solidify their playoff position.

Sunday, the final day, is packed with exciting matches, including high-stakes clashes between top teams like St. Louis, D.C., and Carolina. Key matches include St. Louis vs. D.C. and Carolina, as well as a Texas vs. Dallas rematch.

The event promises exciting pickleball action, with teams competing for playoff spots and fans eagerly anticipating intense matchups.

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