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Las Vegas Night Owls Win: Remain Unbeaten by Defeating Atlanta in D.C.

Las Vegas Night Owls Win: On Friday, The Las Vegas Night Owls faced off against The Atlanta Bouncers in Washington, The Las Vegas Night Owls, featuring Chao Yi (Zoey) Wang, Judit Castillo, Mohaned Alhouni, and Anderson Scarpa, have surged to a perfect 4-0 start in the Major League Pickleball (MLP) season, their latest win coming in a dramatic DreamBreaker against the Atlanta Bouncers.

Entering the contest, both squads claimed flawless records in D.C., setting the stage for a highly anticipated showdown that did not disappoint. The teams split the gender doubles matches, with Wang and Castillo securing the women’s doubles point for Las Vegas, while Jaume Martinez Vich and Todd Fought claimed the men’s doubles point for Atlanta.

The momentum swung Atlanta’s way as Fought and Genie Erokhina dominated the first mixed doubles match, extending their undefeated streak as a partnership in MLP. However, the second mixed doubles match proved to be a nail-biter. Castillo and Scarpa, facing match point against Martinez Vich and Angie Walker, displayed remarkable resilience, edging out a 27-25 victory to push the contest to a DreamBreaker.

In the DreamBreaker, Castillo and Scarpa’s momentum carried over. Both players outperformed their Atlanta counterparts, each posting a 6-2 score, propelling the Night Owls to a commanding 21-8 victory. This marked their third DreamBreaker win in four matches, showing their clutch performance in high-pressure situations.

Reflecting on the win, Scarpa attributed the team’s success to their unwavering trust and mental fortitude. “I think it comes down to the trust we have in each other,” Scarpa said. “With rally scoring, you’re never really out of it. Even if we’re down, we just keep fighting for points and stay mentally tough.”

The Las Vegas Night Owls will look to continue their dominance as they face the Chicago Slice on Saturday at noon ET, wrapping up their stint in the nation’s capital.

News in Brief: Las Vegas Night Owls Win, Remain Unbeaten by Defeating Atlanta in D.C.

The Las Vegas Night Owls remain undefeated with a thrilling 4-0 start in the Major League Pickleball season after a dramatic victory over the Atlanta Bouncers in Washington, D.C. Both teams entered the match with flawless records in the capital, setting the stage for an intense showdown. After splitting the gender doubles matches, Las Vegas rallied in a nail-biting second mixed doubles match, securing a 27-25 win and forcing a DreamBreaker. In the decisive round, Judit Castillo and Anderson Scarpa led the charge with a dominant 21-8 victory, marking their third DreamBreaker triumph in four matches. The Night Owls’ resilience and teamwork were pivotal in securing the win

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