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DC Pickleball Vs Carolina: DC Wins In 1st DreamBreaker In MLP

DC Pickleball Vs Carolina: The DC Pickleball Team finally broke through in the DreamBreaker format at their hometown event, securing their first victory in a tense matchup against the Carolina Pickleball Club.

Despite struggling in previous DreamBreakers over the weekend, falling to both the Texas Ranchers and the New York Hustlers, the D.C. team—comprising James Ignatowich, Rachel Rohrabacher, Dekel Bar, and Allyce Jones—found their stride when it mattered most.

D.C. took a 2-1 lead following a mixed doubles win by Ben Johns and Bar over Andrea Koop and Collin Johns. The team then had a golden opportunity to seal the win in regulation, with Rohrabacher and Ignatowich holding match point against Jessie Irvine and Ben Johns. However, Irvine and Johns pull out a 29-27 victory, forcing the contest into the DreamBreaker.

D.C. Pickleball Vs Carolina

Carolina, Inspired by their DreamBreaker win against Texas the previous day, seemed poised to maintain their momentum. But D.C. had other plans. Bar set the tone from the outset, besting Ben Johns 3-1 and giving D.C. a lead they would not relinquish.

As the stakes rose, each D.C. player elevated their game. Jones delivered the final blow, dominating Irvine with a 4-0 rotation to secure a convincing 21-11 victory.

With this win, D.C. concludes the weekend with a 2-3 record. Carolina, now at 1-3, will look to rebound in their next matchup against the St. Louis Shock as action wraps up in the nation’s capital.


News In Brief: DC Pickleball Vs Carolina

The D.C. Pickleball Team secured their first DreamBreaker victory at their hometown event, defeating the Carolina Pickleball Club in a tense matchup. Despite earlier losses to the Texas Ranchers and New York Hustlers, the team, including James Ignatowich, Rachel Rohrabacher, Dekel Bar, and Allyce Jones, found their stride. After a mixed doubles win by Jones and Bar, D.C. had a chance to win in regulation, but Carolina forced a DreamBreaker. Bar set the tone, and Jones closed it out, leading to a 21-11 win. D.C. ended the weekend with a 2-3 record, while Carolina stands at 1-3, facing the St. Louis Shock next.

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