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Premier Level Standings After MLP DC 2024

Premier Level Standings After MLP DC: With the second Major League Pickleball event of the season now behind us, it’s crucial to examine the latest Premier level standings. The competition is intensifying, and the fight for playoff spots is becoming highly contested.

While the New York Hustlers currently lead in total points, they have also played the most matches, which distorts the perception of their dominance. To truly measure each team’s success, it’s more insightful to consider the number of standings points earned per match. By this metric, we get a clearer picture of the real contenders.

Premier Level Standings Table:

1 NY Hustlers 3 2 4 1 18 10 1.8
2 STL Shock 4 1 2 1 17 8 2.13
3 Dallas Flash Pickleball 5 2 0 1 16 8 2
4 D.C. Pickleball Team 3 2 2 2 15 9 1.67
5 Texas Ranchers 3 3 1 2 13 9 1.44
6 New Jersey 5s 0 0 3 0 6 3 2
7 Carolina Pickleball Club 0 1 1 3 5 5 1
8 LA Mad Drops 0 0 1 2 4 3 1.33
9 AZ Drive 1 2 0 1 4 4 1
10 Columbus Sliders 1 2 0 1 4 4 1
11 Orlando Squeeze 1 2 0 0 3 3 1
12 Utah Black Diamonds 0 4 0 0 0 4 0


Here’s how the standings shake out when re-ranked by points per match:

1. St. Louis Shock (2.13 points per match) -Leading the pack with consistent performance, the Shock are proving to be tough opponents. Their strategic plays and strong team dynamics are setting them apart.

2. Dallas Flash (2.00 points per match) – Hot on their heels, the Flash are displaying a blend of aggressive strategies and solid defense. Their ability to adapt to different play styles is a key strength.

3. New Jersey 5s (2.00 points per match) – Tied with the Flash, the 5s are making waves with their well-rounded approach, excelling in both singles and doubles matches.

4. New York Hustlers (1.80 points per match) – Despite their high total points, the Hustlers need to maintain their momentum to stay in the top tier. Their depth in talent is evident, but consistency will be crucial for their success.

5. D.C. Pickleball Team (1.67 points per match) – With the advantage of home court during the recent event, D.C. showcased their potential. Their focus will be on converting close matches into victories.

6. Texas Ranchers (1.44 points per match) – Currently close to securing a playoff spot, the Ranchers’ determination is evident, but they need to find that extra gear to solidify their position.

7. Los Angeles Mad Drops (1.33 points per match) – The Mad Drops have had a mixed season, showing flashes of brilliance amidst tough losses. Consistency will be key moving forward.

8. Carolina Pickleball Club (1.00 points per match) – Tied with three other teams, Carolina must find a way to distinguish themselves. Their potential is undeniable, but they need to turn it into substantial results.

9. Arizona Drive (1.00 points per match) – Similarly, Arizona has shown promise but needs to convert more matches into victories to climb the standings.

10. Columbus Sliders (1.00 points per match) – The Sliders face a similar challenge, needing to string together a series of wins to make a serious playoff push.

11. Orlando Squeeze (1.00 points per match) – With the same points per match as Carolina, Arizona, and Columbus, the Squeeze need a standout performance to boost their playoff chances.

12. Utah Black Diamonds (0.00 points per match) – Yet to secure a win, the Black Diamonds have a mountain to climb. Every match will be crucial as they seek to find their footing.

Premier Level Standings After MLP DC 2024

Playoff Picture: The Race Heats Up

If the season ended today, the Texas Ranchers would barely cut the playoffs, while the Los Angeles Mad Drops would be left on the outside looking in. With six more regular season events in 2024, there’s still plenty of time for the standings to shift.

All eyes now turn to the Mid-Season Tournament, set to take place from July 10-14 during the Beer City Open in Grand Rapids, MI. This crucial stage in the season will provide teams with an opportunity to solidify their standings or make a significant move up the ranks. As the competition intensifies, every match, every point, and every moment will be critical in the pursuit of MLP glory.

News in Brief: Premier Level Standings After MLP DC

After the conclusion of MLP DC, the Premier level standings reveal a dynamic race for playoff positions in Major League Pickleball. While the New York Hustlers lead in total points, recalculating standings by points per match offers a clearer assessment of teams’ competitive strengths. The St. Louis Shock lead with 2.13 points per match, demonstrating consistent performance and strategic play. Close behind are the Dallas Flash and New Jersey 5s, both averaging 2.00 points per match with adaptable gameplay styles. The New York Hustlers, despite their total points lead, need to maintain consistency to secure their position.

As teams like the D.C. Pickleball Team and Texas Ranchers vie for playoff spots, the competition remains tight. With the Mid-Season Tournament approaching, scheduled during the Beer City Open in July, teams will have a critical opportunity to solidify their standings and advance their playoff ambitions in this fiercely competitive league.


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