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Overview of MLP DC 2024: Highlights And More

Overview of MLP DC 2024: The second MLP event of 2024 has wrapped up in Washington, DC, marked by high temperatures and lengthy matches. Due to the absence of lights and time constraints, not all scheduled matches proceeded as planned. Fourteen Premier matches were completed, putting us about one-quarter through the season. Of the twelve Premier teams, seven competed in DC, with varying levels of success.

DC MLP Highlights

1. New York Hustlers

The New York Hustlers emerged as the clear winners in DC. They played six matches, accumulating 15 points and maintaining an undefeated record. Despite doubts after their MLP Atlanta performance, New York proved their critics wrong. Their playoff prospects now look promising if they can sustain this momentum.

2. Jackie Kawamoto MVP of MLP Event

Jackie Kawamoto MVP of the event. dominated in DC, winning nine matches, more than any other player. She was crucial in New York’s three Dreambreaker victories, showcasing her depth despite not being known for singles play. Kawamoto’s performance solidified her.

3. St. Louis: Steady at the Top

St. Louis, leading the standings before DC, remains on top despite some setbacks. With 17 points and the highest points per match (2.13), they are a strong bet for the playoffs. A surprising 3-1 loss to New York was offset by a solid final day, securing five points from three matches.

4. JW and Jorja Johnson: Dallas’s Dynamic Duo

The Johnson siblings, JW Johnson and Jorja Johnson, excelled in DC, both finishing with a 7-1 record. Their performance validated Dallas’s decision to draft them. If they maintain this level, Dallas will be a strong contender.

Overview of MLP Washington DC


5. Dallas Shows Potential

Dallas needs more consistency as they had a mixed start, going 1-1 on the first day and sitting out the second. However, they finished strong on day three, winning both matches 4-0 against Utah and Texas, securing nine points from four matches. This moved them to third in total points and second in points per match. Dallas shows glimpses of championship potential

The DC Disappointments

1. Carolina: Questions Arise

Led by Ben Johns, Carolina had a troubling performance in DC, scoring just five points from five matches and winning only one. The team lost three matches in Dreambreakers, highlighting their reliance on Johns. Without better singles players, Carolina’s draft strategy might haunt them. Improving their women’s doubles and mixed matches is crucial for their future success.

Overview of MLP Washington DC


2. Alix Truong’s Tough Time

Alix Truong’s selection in Premier raised eyebrows, and her 0-8 record in DC did little to justify the pick. Her matches were not close, with an average loss score of 25-18. Utah might need to consider replacing Truong if their fortunes are to improve.

3. Utah Struggles

Utah’s first action in DC was disappointing, losing all four matches either 3-1 or 4-0 and earning zero points. Projected as the weakest team, Utah met those low expectations and needs to regroup urgently.

Looking Ahead

The MLP waiver wire process on June 19-20 could bring changes. While Premier level moves may be minimal, Challenger teams are expected to be more active in making adjustments.

News in Brief: Overview of MLP DC 2024

The MLP event in Washington, DC, concluded with intense matches and varying team performances. New York Hustlers excelled with an undefeated record, while Jackie Kawamoto stood out as MVP with nine wins. Dallas showed potential with a strong finish, led by JW and Jorja Johnson’s impressive performances. St. Louis maintained their lead despite a setback, while the prevalence of matches going to Dreambreakers added excitement. Utah struggled, Alix Truong faced challenges, and Carolina’s reliance on Ben Johns raised concerns. Looking ahead, the MLP waiver process could bring team adjustments, especially among Challenger teams. The season promises continued competition and strategic shifts

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