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St. Louis Shock a Premier MLP Team Driven by Chaifetz Family

St. Louis Shock a Premier MLP Team: The St. Louis Shock stands as one of the premier teams in Major League Pickleball (MLP), and its success story is deeply connected with the Chaifetz family, known for their substantial contributions to the St. Louis community. The Chaifetz name is well known in the area, marking significant institutions such as the Saint Louis University Billikens Arena, the Chaifetz School of Business, and the Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship.

Ross Chaifetz, son of Richard Chaifetz, co-owner and general manager of the St. Louis Shock, provided an exclusive look into the workings of the team. He shared insights into his experiences managing an MLP franchise and the team’s objectives within St. Louis. The discussion also covered the complexity of the MLP Draft and the formation of the team.

Meet the St. Louis Shock:

Anna Bright: The third overall pick and one of the top female pros in pickleball, Bright is a former MLP champion.
Hayden Patriquin: Recently won his first gold medal in men’s doubles at PPA Sacramento.
Gabe Tardio: Known as “The Giant Slayer” for defeating top player Ben Johns multiple times this year.
Kate Fahey: A surprising pick, Fahey is a fresh face ready to make her mark in pro pickleball.

Ross Chaifetz explained the rationale behind selecting Anna Bright first. Her exceptional team spirit, attitude, energy, and competitive drive make her a unique asset in the game. The Shock’s draft strategy revolved around building a strong and balanced team, with Anna Bright as the lead. “We modeled almost 10 different draft scenarios, and in just about every scenario, the teams that started with Anna first looked the strongest on paper and the most balanced. Anna Bright is built for MLP, plain and simple. We were ecstatic to draft her,” said Chaifetz.

” Anna’s team spirit, attitude, energy, and fight make her probably the most unique player in the game. Anna has ‘been there and done it’ in MLP and is a proven winner.”– chaifetz

Dynamic Bidding Process:

Chaifetz highlighted the complexity of the dynamic bidding process. The team spent over 30 hours preparing for the draft, modeling various scenarios to secure top players within their budget. Fortunately, they were able to acquire Bright at a lower cost than anticipated, allowing them to invest in other top talents like Hayden Patriquin and Gabe Tardio.

“The question was, what would it cost to get her? I had allocated a certain draft dollar cap that I felt was the maximum I would spend to secure Anna and still have capital left over to round out the team with solid males and another female.”– chaifetz


Drafting Strategy and Team Chemistry

Anna Bright played an integral role in the drafting process. Recognizing the importance of team chemistry, Chaifetz highlights the need for companionship, partnership, and culture both on and off the court. The Shock aimed to create a well-rounded team, blending experienced players with promising newcomers like Kate Fahey.

“When it came to our female pick, it became a risk-rewards analysis of ‘Okay, are we constructing a team to win day one or for the future?”– chaifetz

“We were on the phone with Anna for the duration of the draft night. We had our eye on Hayden, and Anna felt great about that. When it came to the back of the draft, Gabe was a no-brainer and Anna knew Kate Fahey was a rising star,” revealed Chaifetz.

Anna Bright’s Persistent Determination:

One of the most impressive aspects of Anna Bright’s character is her determination and perseverance, demonstrated by her journey from Central Mexico to Canada after graduating college. This journey reflects her strength and resolve, qualities she now brings to the St. Louis Shock.

“Anna’s determination and grit has far exceeded my expectations. Not just on the court. When Anna graduated college, she did a walk from Central Mexico up to Canada.

I don’t care who you are, your age, your athleticism – it’s an incredible feat.”– Chaifetz

Chaifetz Family’s Vision for MLP:

The Chaifetz family’s commitment to excellence is evident in their approach to owning a Major League Pickleball team. They aim to build a championship-winning culture, investing in extra practice and training for players, providing world-class experiences, and building community engagement. Their goal is to establish the St. Louis Shock as a premier franchise in professional pickleball, similar to the Dallas Cowboys or the New York Yankees in their respective sports.

“We are building the Dallas Cowboys, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the New York Yankees of pickleball.”– Chaifetz

Future Plans for the St. Louis Shock:

The future of the St. Louis Shock looks promising. The team plans to integrate more with the local sports culture, building a physical presence in the community where pickleball fans can train, compete, and engage with the team. The Shock’s vision includes establishing a strong fan base and promoting the sport within St. Louis, already a top pickleball market in the country.

“I would be lying if I said I knew it would be this difficult and time-intensive. But we are thoughtful in every decision we make. To be the best, you have to be ahead of the curve. You have to create the trend, not follow it, and you must have foresight,” –Chaifetz.

St. Louis Shock a Premier MLP Team

In just 15 months, the St. Louis Shock has achieved remarkable success, featuring a dedicated fan base and a leading position in the standings. The Chaifetz family’s strategic investments and dedication to cultivating a distinct brand and culture have laid the foundation for continued success in Major League Pickleball.

“We are going the extra mile – establishing a home-and-home series in the market and spending time with other local teams such as the SLU Billikens, St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, and more to tie into the local sports culture.”– chaifetz

News in Brief: St. Louis Shock a Premier MLP Team

The St. Louis Shock stands at the forefront of Major League Pickleball (MLP), a premier team with deep ties to the Chaifetz family, known for their significant contributions to St. Louis. Co-owned and managed by Ross Chaifetz, the team’s success relies on strategic drafting and building a unified team.

Ross Chaifetz highlights the crucial role of top pick Anna Bright, a proven MLP champion celebrated for her team spirit and competitive edge. The Shock’s draft strategy involved detailed planning and dynamic bidding to secure top talents within budget, resulting in a balanced lineup featuring stars like Hayden Patriquin, Gabe Tardio, and rising talent Kate Fahey.

The Chaifetz family’s vision extends beyond wins, aiming to establish the Shock as a powerhouse similar to iconic sports franchises. Their commitment includes building community engagement, enhancing player training, and integrating deeply into St. Louis’s sports culture. With ambitions to expand their local footprint and fan base, the Shock’s trajectory highlights their commitment to excellence in professional pickleball.

In just over a year, the St. Louis Shock has emerged as an incredible team in MLP, driven by strategic investments and a clear vision for sustained success and community impact.

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