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Sacramento Open Fashion: Who Stole the Style Spotlight

Sacramento Open Fashion: In pickleball, fashion might seem like an afterthought, but for those of us who follow the sport closely, the tasteful choices of the players are a highlight of every tournament. At the Veolia Sacramento Open, the pros didn’t just compete with their rackets—they brought their A-game to the fashion court as well. Here’s a closer look at the best-dressed players from this event, showcasing not just their skills but their unique styles.

Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher: A Perfect Match

Sacramento Open Fashion

Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher took twinning to the next level. Known for their camaraderie and chemistry on the court, the duo sported identical blue Lululemon tennis skirts and tank tops. This wasn’t just about matching for the sake of it; the color and design choices were flattering and functional. With their brown braided hair and Rohrabacher’s choice of a baseball hat over a visor, their look was cohesive and stylish, an expression of their playful 90s photoshoot that first showcased this dynamic duo.

Catherine Parenteau: Elevating Her Game and Style

Sacramento Open Fashion

Catherine Parenteau has been making waves not just with her gameplay but with her evolving fashion sense. At the Veolia Sacramento Open, she sported a striking purple tie-dye tank top paired with a simple white skirt. The choice of a purple tank top was a masterstroke, complementing her lavender Skechers and white hat perfectly. Just a week prior, at the CIBC Texas Open, she had worn a similar style in camo green, but the purple seemed to be her true color, bringing out a confident and vibrant aura on the court.

Anna Leigh Waters: Champion’s Ensemble

Sacramento Open Fashion

Anna Leigh Waters, a name synonymous with success in pickleball, wore a turquoise blue FILA tennis dress with a scalloped hemline, the same outfit that marked her monumental 100th PPA title victory. “The North Carolina win was super special and I wore this blue dress there, so I had to wear it again because I was hoping some good luck will come over to have the chance to win a triple crown,” Waters said. Her belief in the dress wasn’t unfounded, as she grabbed another triple crown in Sacramento, proving that sometimes, wearing your lucky outfit can indeed bring a bit of magic.

Hurricane Tyra Black: Consistent Style Icon

Sacramento Open Fashion

Tyra Black is no stranger to best-dressed lists, and her appearance at the Sacramento Open was no exception. In an emerald green Wilson dress, she looked nothing short of stellar. The mesh back detailing wasn’t just a cute addition; it provided practical breathability, essential for high-performance play. Black’s attention to detail was evident in her accessories: a white visor, white shoes, and bubble braids adorned with white elastics and a ribbon. Her look was accurately planned and executed, proving once again why she’s a regular on this list.

Roscoe Bellamy: Making a Statement

Sacramento Open Fashion

Newcomer Roscoe Bellamy made an impressive debut on the best-dressed list. His choice of a black and white striped shirt paired with simple white shorts, white shoes, and a black hat was a lesson in understated elegance. Bellamy demonstrated that having one standout piece, like his striped shirt, and keeping the rest of the outfit simple can create a striking, memorable look. His entrance to the list signals a growing trend among male pros to step up their fashion game.

Gabe Joseph: Effortless Cool on the Court

Sacramento Open Fashion

Gabe Joseph’s LA roots shone brightly in his men’s singles attire. Decked out in a sleek Chubbies matching shirt and shorts set, Joseph combined style with functionality. The bold pop of color and unique design of his outfit set him apart on the court, he smartly paired his vibrant composition with simple black shoes, ensuring the focus remained on his eye-catching attire. His signature gold chains added a touch of personal flair, making his look both polished and personal.

A Stylish Future for Pickleball

As the Veolia Sacramento Open wraps up, one thing is clear: the fashion stakes in professional pickleball are rising. The pros are not only pushing the boundaries of their athletic performances but also setting new standards for on-court style. The blend of personal flair, functional attire, and team looks is making pickleball a sport to watch not just for the gameplay but for the fashion statements as well. As more players adopt this trend, the future of pickleball fashion looks incredibly promising.

News In Brief: Sacramento Open Fashion:

At the Veolia Sacramento Open, professional pickleball players showcased not only their athletic skills but also their fashion sense. Gabe Joseph stood out with a sleek Chubbies outfit and gold chains, while Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher sported matching sky-blue Lululemon outfits, emphasizing their on-court chemistry. Tyra Black impressed in an emerald green Wilson dress with white accessories, and Catherine Parenteau dazzled in a purple tie-dye tank top and white skirt.

Anna Leigh Waters wore her lucky turquoise blue FILA dress, securing another triple crown. Newcomer Roscoe Bellamy made a stylish debut with a black and white striped shirt. The event highlighted the rising fashion stakes in pickleball, blending personal flair and functional attire, setting a promising trend for the sport’s future.

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