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Pickleball excellence awaits in San Clemente 2024: Preview

Pickleball excellence awaits in San Clemente 2024: This week, the PPA Tour moves from MLP to San Clemente. The Select Medical Orange County Cup, sponsored by FitVine Wines, will bring exciting pickleball matches to Life Time Rancho San Clemente. The tournament will showcase both top players and up-and-coming talents against the backdrop of beautiful Southern California weather, perfect for pickleball fans.

Women’s Singles: Renewed Rivalries and Rising Stars

In the women’s singles division, excitement builds as seasoned competitors like Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau gear up after skipping MLP DC. Rested and ready, they are set to renew their rivalry as the #1 and #2 seeds, setting the stage for another potential showdown. However, challenges await, especially for Parenteau, who will face tough competition from the #3 seed Lea Jansen early on. Keep an eye on Rachel Rohrabacher, ranked #18, whose strong performance in MLP Dreambreakers suggests she could cause an upset. The tournament draw promises competitive matches, including clashes like #8 Judit Castillo versus #11 Jorja Johnson and #5 Lauren Stratman against #9 Kaitlyn Christian, ensuring exciting moments right from the start.

Men’s Singles: Johns and Staksrud Navigate Treacherous Waters

In the men’s singles competition, all eyes are on top contenders Ben Johns and Federico Staksrud. This week, Staksrud holds the top seed, giving him a seemingly smoother path to the finals. On the other hand, Johns faces a tough road ahead, potentially meeting strong opponents like #32 Hunter Johnson, #13 Roscoe Bellamy, and either #3 seed Connor Garnett or #5 seed Dylan Frazier on his way to the championship match. A potential final between Johns and Staksrud excites fans, but Johns must overcome significant challenges with resilience and skill. Keep an eye on dark horse #38 Noe Khlif, who shows promising singles skills and could make a surprising run to the semifinals in this competitive field.

Mixed Doubles: Dominant Pairings and Emerging Threats

In mixed doubles, Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters stand as the top seeds, expected to dominate with their strong partnership. However, challengers like #6 seed Federico Staksrud and Rachel Rohrabacher are also credible threats, showing steady improvement in past tournaments. The #2 seed pair of Anna Bright and James Ignatowich will also be contenders, known for their consistent performances. Keep an eye on the debut of #5 seed Riley Newman paired with Lea Jansen, as they are likely to face #9 seed Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova in what promises to be an exciting match drawing both crowds and competitive excitement.

Women’s Doubles: Top Seeds and Hidden Gems

In women’s doubles, the top-seeded team of Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau looks set to continue their successful streak, benefiting from a favorable draw that suits their teamwork and talent. Meanwhile, the #2 seeds Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher face a more challenging path, potentially encountering strong opponents like the resilient #4 seeds Etta Wright and Meghan Dizon. Keep an eye on dark horse teams such as #12 seeds Jorja Johnson and Mari Humberg, known for their occasional outstanding performances despite some ups and downs. Further down the rankings, #13 seeds Brooke Buckner and Chao Yi Wang form a strong partnership and aim to use their tactical skills to advance deep into the tournament.

Men’s Doubles: Johns and Collin Lead the Charge

The men’s doubles competition promises intense competition, with #1 seeds Ben and Collin Johns accustomed to high-stakes matches. They could face tough opponents in the quarterfinals, showcasing their teamwork and determination. Meanwhile, #2 seeds JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier are strong challengers, blending skill and strategy in their pursuit of the championship. A key match to watch is the potential quarterfinal clash between #3 seeds Federico Staksrud and Matt Wright and the determined #8 seeds Riley Newman and Zane Navratil, sure to bring excitement and competitive spirit. Keep an eye on the underdog duo of #20 seeds Quang Duong and Donald Young, who have shown promise since MLP DC and could surprise in the doubles competition.

Pickleball excellence awaits in San Clemente 2024
Image credit: PPA Tour

Embrace the Pickleball Spectacle in SoCal

In the beautiful setting of San Clemente, both dedicated pickleball fans and casual observers are encouraged to enjoy every moment of the Select Medical Orange County Cup. With perfect weather as the backdrop, the stage is set for unforgettable displays of skill, determination, and teamwork from the sport’s top players.

News in Brief: Pickleball excellence awaits in San Clemente 2024

The PPA Tour is in San Clemente for the Select Medical Orange County Cup, sponsored by FitVine Wines. This tournament features top pickleball players in exciting matches at Life Time Rancho San Clemente. In women’s singles, rivals like Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau are back, along with rising stars like Lea Jansen. The men’s singles spotlight is on Ben Johns and Federico Staksrud, facing tough competition on their way to the finals.

Mixed doubles pairs Ben Johns with Anna Leigh Waters as favorites, while in women’s doubles, Anna Leigh Waters teams up with Catherine Parenteau as top seeds. Ben and Collin Johns lead the men’s doubles contenders. With perfect Southern California weather, fans can expect exciting matches and impressive displays of skill throughout the tournament.

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