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Men’s Singles Round 64 of San Clemente Match: PPA Tour 2024

Men’s Singles Round 64 of San Clemente Match: The Select Medical Orange County Cup, held from June 24-30, 2024, at the Life Time Rancho San Clemente facility, has brought together an impressive array of talent in the men’s singles event. This professional pickleball tournament has become a key battleground as players gear up for the upcoming Major League Pickleball (MLP) season.

Top Contenders and Surprising Upsets

The tournament shows a lineup of top-ranked players, ensuring a highly competitive atmosphere. Defending medalists JW Johnson, Tyson McGuffin, and James Ignatowich returned to the court, ready to defend their positions against a field teeming with talent. Other notable players include Christian Alshon, Ben Johns, Dylan Frazier, Collin Johns, and James Johnson, all vying for the coveted title.

In a surprising turn of events, world #1 Ben Johns was upset in the second round by 17-seed Collin Shick, showcasing the unpredictability and excitement that the tournament promises. Tyson McGuffin, seeded fourth, demonstrated exceptional form and determination, cruising through the competition without dropping a single game. His remarkable performance resulted in a victory over seventh-seeded Connor Garnett in the finals. Garnett’s journey was equally impressive, as he toppled second-seed Federico Staksrud and didn’t concede a single game point leading into the finals.

Men’s Singles Round of 64 results:

Match Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Cason Campbell vs Wyatt Stone 10-12 6-11 0-0
Rafa Hewett vs Tom Evans 2-11 6-11 0-0
Tyler Loong vs Daniel Jensen 11-5 11-9 0-0
Mohaned Alhouni vs Jonny Pickleball Andrews 11-0 11-3 0-0
Collin Shick vs Connor Mogle 11-4 11-5 0-0
Ross Whittaker vs Bao Duong 11-4 11-6 0-0
Alex Neumann vs Spencer Smith 11-6 11-2 0-0
Marshall Brown vs Spartak Rahachou 8-11 9-11 0-0
Travis Rettenmaier vs Pesa Teoni 11-9 11-1 0-0
Eric Roddy vs Noe Khlif 3-11 11-3 11-8
Julian Arnold vs Ammar Wazir 8-11 5-11 0-0
Anton Gudz vs Mitchell Hargreaves 7-11 1-11 0-0
Hunter Johnson vs Rio Newcombe 11-3 11-4 0-0
Roscoe Bellamy vs Sebastian Herrera 7-11 11-4 11-6
Naveen Beasley vs Ryan Fu 13-11 13-15 12-10
Blaine Hovenier vs Kento Tamaki 11-3 11-1 0-0
Hayden Patriquin vs Jack Munro 11-4 11-4 0-0
Ryan Eveloff vs Augustus Ge 4-11 3-11 0-0
Donald Young vs Mota Alhouni 11-5 11-4 0-0
Ryan Sherry vs Grayson Goldin 4-11 3-11 0-0
Kyle Lewis vs John Cincola 8-11 8-11 0-0
Luke Wasson vs Ivan Jakovljevic 1-11 2-11 0-0
Christopher Haworth vs Zandrix Acob 11-5 11-2 0-0
Yates Johnson vs AJ Koller 11-2 11-7 0-0


Emerging Talent: Tom Evans and Ammar Wazir

Rafa Hewett vs Tom Evans: Tom Evans, a 23-year-old from Melbourne, is making waves at the PPA Tour in San Clemente. After a flawless run through the qualifiers, Evans defeated No. 14 seed Rafa Hewett with scores of 11-2 and 11-6, showcasing powerful forehand drives.

Julian Arnold vs Ammar Wazir: Ammar Wazir, fresh out of college with a biology degree, made an impressive debut in competitive pickleball at the Select Medical Orange County Cup in San Clemente. The 21-year-old’s victory over No. 9 seed Julian Arnold, with scores of 11-8, and 11-5, highlighted his agility and versatile forehand skills.

The men’s singles draw at the Select Medical Orange County Cup not only highlights the depth of talent in pickleball but also serves as a crucial preparation event for the MLP season. Players are using this tournament to fine-tune their skills and strategies, knowing that strong performances here can set the tone for the rest of the season.

Men's Singles Round 64 of San Clemente Match

As the tournament follows, fans and players both are treated to high-level pickleball, with every match offering a glimpse into the intense preparation and competitive spirit that defines the sport. The Select Medical Orange County Cup continues to be a pivotal event, shaping the landscape of professional pickleball and building excitement for the challenges ahead in the MLP season.

News in Brief: Men’s Singles Round 64 of San Clemente Match

The Select Medical Orange County Cup at Life Time Rancho San Clemente has seen intense action in the men’s singles, showcasing top talent and surprising upsets. Defending medalists like JW Johnson and Tyson McGuffin faced fierce competition, with McGuffin advancing impressively by defeating Connor Garnett in a decisive final. Notably, world #1 Ben Johns suffered an upset by Collin Shick in a thrilling match. Emerging stars like Tom Evans and Ammar Wazir also made their mark with significant wins over Rafa Hewett and Julian Arnold, respectively. This tournament serves as a crucial platform for players to hone their skills ahead of the Major League Pickleball season, promising continued excitement and high-stakes matches as it unfolds.

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