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Schneemann And Tellez Through Round of 16, Beat Kovalova And Wright

Schneemann And Tellez Through Round of 16: The mixed doubles pairing of Lacy Schneemann and Pablo Tellez, seeded 18th, is making waves at the Select Medical Orange County Cup presented by FitVine Wines. Their journey took a significant leap forward on Wednesday at Life Time Rancho San Clemente, where they outplayed the ninth-seeded team of Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright in a thrilling match, securing their spot in the Round of 16.

The victory didn’t come easy. Schneemann and Tellez found themselves in a precarious position early on, trailing 10-6 in the first game after conceding nine consecutive points. However, their resilience shone through as they mounted an impressive comeback to clinch the first game 13-11. The momentum carried into the second game, where they managed to edge out their opponents with an 11-9 win.

Reflecting on the match, Tellez emphasized their mental fortitude: “We just stayed positive,” he said, highlighting the importance of their unwavering optimism in turning the game around.

Their unconventional strategy and dynamic playstyle have become their hallmark, catching many seasoned teams off guard. Schneemann’s sharp net play and Tellez’s powerful baseline shots created a blend of offense and defense that Kovalova and Wright struggled to counter.

Looking ahead, Schneemann and Tellez are set to face the formidable fifth-seeded duo of Lea Jansen and Riley Newman on Thursday. As they prepare for this challenging match, the pair’s ability to stay focused and adapt their strategy will be crucial.

This unexpected run has certainly put Schneemann and Tellez in the spotlight, as they continue to defy the odds and push the boundaries of what’s expected in mixed doubles pickleball.

Schneemann And Tellez Through Round of 16

News in Brief: Schneemann And Tellez Through Round of 16

Lacy Schneemann and Pablo Tellez, the 18th-seeded mixed doubles team, advanced to the Round of 16 at the Select Medical Orange County Cup in San Clemente, CA. They overcame ninth-seeded Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright with scores of 13-11, 11-9, showcasing resilience by rallying from a 10-6 deficit in the first game. Their success is attributed to a blend of Schneemann’s net play and Tellez’s baseline power. Tellez emphasized the importance of staying positive during their comeback. They now face fifth-seeded Lea Jansen and Riley Newman, continuing their impressive and unexpected run in the tournament.

Our Readers Queries:

Q. What paddle does Pablo Tellez use?

Ans. His preferred paddle is the Selkirk Labs Project 002, which helped him secure two silver and three bronze medals in 2023. Selkirk Sport, a family-owned company in Hayden, Idaho, manufactures these Made-in-the-USA pickleball paddles and accessories, drawing inspiration from the nearby Selkirk mountain range.

Q. Where does Pablo Tellez belong to?

Ans. Pablo Tellez belongs to Bonita Springs, Flo Rida.

Q. What is Pablo Tellez’s height?

Ans. Pablo Tellez’s is 6′ 0″.

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