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Women Doubles Round 32 at SoCal: Upsets and Dominance

Women Doubles Round 32 at SoCal: Wednesday’s Round of 32 matches at the Select Medical Orange County Cup, presented by FitVine Wines, showcased the dominance of higher-seeded teams, particularly in the women’s doubles category. Out of the 16 matches played, the higher-seeded teams emerged victorious in 15, achieving an impressive 94% win rate. This consistent performance underscores the competitive edge and preparation of the top-seeded players as they vie for a place in the Round of 16.

Notable Upset

However, amidst the higher-seeded victories, one match stood out for its excitement and upset potential. The 23rd-seeded duo of Genie Bouchard and Layne Sleeth pulled off a thrilling upset against the 16th-seeded pair of Cass Hoag and Jamie Haas. In a closely contested match, Bouchard and Sleeth edged out Hoag and Has with scores of 11-9 and 12-10.

Bouchard and Sleeth’s victory was a testament to their tenacity and skill, showcasing their ability to compete at a high level in the women’s doubles format. Bouchard, renowned for her illustrious tennis career, has transitioned impressively into pickleball, demonstrating her competitive spirit and adaptability on the court. Partnering with Sleeth, they displayed excellent teamwork and resilience to secure their place in the Round of 16.

Their reward for this hard-fought victory is a challenging matchup against the 2nd-seeded team of Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher. Bright and Rohrabacher have been dominant forces in the tournament, showcasing exceptional skill and coordination. The upcoming match promises to be a thrilling encounter, with Bouchard and Sleeth looking to continue their impressive run against one of the top teams in the draw.

Round of 32 Standings

Matchup Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Anna Leigh Waters / Catherine Parenteau vs Madeline Schulte / Christine Trifunovic 11-0 11-0 0-0
Angela Walker / Alex Walker vs Jillian Braverman / Natalie Raney 11-2 10-12 11-2
Lacy Schneemann / Vivian Glozman vs Regina Goldberg / Emily Cederquist 11-6 11-1 0-0
Lauren Stratman / Yana Newell vs Allison Phillips / Dominique Schaefer 11-7 11-1 0-0
Lucy Kovalova / Callie Smith vs Daria Walczak / Christa Gecheva 11-6 11-9 0-0
Brooke Buckner / Chao Yi Wang vs Carolina Lopez Ascarate / Genie Erokhina 11-1 11-5 0-0
Allyce Jones / Irina Tereschenko vs Sarah Pham / Sarah Hua 11-1 11-6 0-0
Alix Truong / Lea Jansen vs Malia K Lum / Trang Huynh-McClain 11-1 11-3 0-0
Rachel Rohrabacher / Anna Bright vs Leah Tauber / Audrey Adele Brown 11-4 11-1 0-0
Jamie Haas / Cass Hoag vs Layne Sleeth / Genie Bouchard 9-11 10-12 0-0
Jessie Irvine / Tina Pisnik vs Lingwei Kong / Marcela Hones 11-1 11-2 0-0
Jorja Johnson / Mari Humberg vs Christine Maddox / Kaitlyn Christian 11-3 9-11 11-6
Meghan Dizon / Marietta Wright vs Jessica Mason / Ekaterina Biakina 11-0 11-0 0-0
Rianna Valdes / Milan Rane vs Olivia McMillan / Michelle Esquivel 11-1 11-9 0-0
Parris Todd / Tyra Hurricane Black vs Xiao Yi Wang-Beckvall / Audrey Banada 11-2 11-1 0-0
Mary Brascia / Maggie Brascia vs Liz Truluck / Pierina Imparato 11-6 3-11 11-6

Overall Competition

The strong showing by higher-seeded teams overall highlights the depth of talent in the women’s doubles field at the Orange County Cup. As the tournament progresses, the competition is expected to intensify, with each team aiming to outplay and outmaneuver their opponents. With the stakes high and the players determined, every match promises excitement and strategic gameplay.

The Select Medical Orange County Cup has already delivered several memorable moments, and with the Round of 16 matches on the horizon, fans can expect more high-octane action and potential upsets. The journey to the finals is fraught with challenges, and only the most prepared and determined teams will prevail.

Stay tuned as the top-seeded teams continue to battle it out for supremacy, and keep an eye on underdogs like Bouchard and Sleeth, who are proving that anything is possible on the pickleball court. The Orange County Cup continues to be a showcase of elite pickleball talent, promising drama, and excitement with each match in San Clemente, California.

Women Doubles Round 32 at SoCal

News in Brief: Women Doubles Round 32 at SoCal

Wednesday’s women’s doubles at the Select Medical Orange County Cup saw higher-seeded teams dominate, winning 15 out of 16 matches for a 94% success rate. Among the standout matches, Genie Bouchard and Layne Sleeth scored an upset over Cass Hoag and Jamie Haas, 11-9, 12-10, showcasing their competitive edge. Bouchard, transitioning from tennis, displayed skill and determination alongside Sleeth. They now face 2nd-seeded Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher in a highly anticipated Round of 16 clash. The tournament continues to deliver thrilling action as top teams battle for supremacy in San Clemente, SoCal, promising more excitement and potential upsets in the upcoming rounds.

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Ans: Anna Leigh Waters is widely recognized as the top female champion in the world of pickleball. She has established herself as a phenom and the biggest star in the sport.

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Ans: Jorja Johnson comes from a family of pickleball stars and has quickly emerged as one herself. As one of the youngest professionals in the sport, she has ample time to hone her skills and further develop her career.

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