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Men’s Doubles Round 32 Shaken by Upsets: PPA Tour 2024

Men’s Doubles Round 32: Wednesday’s men’s doubles Round of 32 at the Select Medical Orange County Cup, presented by FitVine Wines, showcased a blend of expected outcomes and surprising upsets, highlighting both the dominance of higher-seeded teams and the resilience of underdogs.

Dominance of Higher-Seeded Teams

Out of the 16 matches played, higher-seeded teams prevailed in 14 encounters, maintaining an impressive 88% win rate. This statistic underscores the preparedness and competitive edge of the tournament’s top-ranked players as they push for advancement in the competition.

Round of 32 Standings

Matchup Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Collin Johns / Benjamin Johns vs Eric Roddy / Casey Diamond 11-9 11-4 0-0
Spencer Smith / Chuck Taylor vs Collin Shick / Noe Khlif 7-11 4-11 0-0
Hayden Patriquin / Pablo Tellez vs Rob Cassidy / Daniel Jensen 11-3 11-5 0-0
Wyatt Stone / Callan Dawson vs Christopher Haworth / Grayson Goldin 1-11 9-11 0-0
Matt Wright / Federico Staksrud vs Naveen Beasley / Ross Whittaker 11-0 11-9 0-0
Roscoe Bellamy / AJ Koller vs Quang Duong / Donald Young 11-5 11-8 0-0
Zane Navratil / Riley Newman vs Mota Alhouni / Mohaned Alhouni 11-2 11-7 0-0
Jack Munro / Julian Arnold vs Erik Pailet / Todd Fought 11-0 11-3 0-0
Dylan Frazier / James Johnson vs Jeff Warnick / Wesley Burrows 11-3 11-0 0-0
Pesa Teoni / Craig Johnson vs Caden Nemoff / Aanik Lohani 11-4 12-10 0-0
Connor Garnett / Christian Alshon vs Blaine Hovenier / Gabriel Joseph 4-11 11-2 11-7
Jay Devilliers / Patrick Smith vs Jonny Pickleball Andrews / Marshall Brown 8-11 11-7 11-1
Dekel Bar / Tyson McGuffin vs Anderson Scarpa / Gregory Dow 13-11 11-4 0-0
Rafa Hewett / Eric Oncins vs Steve Deakin / John Cincola 11-7 11-8 0-0
Tyler Loong / James Ignatowich vs Yates Johnson / Hunter Johnson 4-11 11-4 11-3
Travis Rettenmaier / Augustus Ge vs Ben Newell / Daniel De La Rosa 11-9 11-0 0-0


Standout Upsets

Despite the dominance of higher seeds, two matches stood out for their unexpected results and the display of resilience from lower-seeded pairs:

Collin Shick and Noe Khlif: (19th seed) delivered a commanding performance to upset the 14th-seeded team of Spencer Smith and Chuck Taylor. Shick and Khlif’s dynamic play and strategic prowess led them to victory with scores of 11-7 and 11-4, showcasing their determination and teamwork on the court.

Chris Haworth and Grayson Goldin: (41st seed) stunned the 11th-seeded pair of Wyatt Stone and Callan Dawson with a convincing 11-1, 11-9 win. Haworth and Goldin, who advanced through qualifying rounds, displayed strategic execution and capitalized on opportunities effectively to secure a spot in the Round of 16.

In the next round, Haworth and Goldin face a significant challenge against the 5th-seeded team of Hayden Patriquin and Pablo Tellez, known for their strong performances and tactical acumen. Despite the odds, Haworth and Goldin’s recent success and momentum position them as formidable opponents.

The unpredictability and excitement of these upsets highlight the competitive nature of men’s doubles at the Orange County Cup. As the tournament progresses, spectators can anticipate more thrilling matches and potential surprises as teams battle for supremacy on the pickleball court. Each match promises to be a test of skill, strategy, and endurance, with teams vying for a chance to advance further and stake their claim in this prestigious event.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Select Medical Orange County Cup, where every match brings its own drama and excitement. With higher-seeded teams asserting dominance and underdogs defying expectations, the competition promises to intensify as players aim for glory in San Clemente, California.

Men's Doubles Round 32

News in Brief: Men’s Doubles Round 32

SAN CLEMENTE, CA – Wednesday’s men’s doubles at the Select Medical Orange County Cup saw higher-seeded teams dominate, winning 88% of matches. Among the standout upsets, Collin Shick and Noe Khlif (19th seed) defeated 14th-seeded Spencer Smith and Chuck Taylor 11-7, 11-4, showcasing their dynamic play. Chris Haworth and Grayson Goldin (41st seed) surprised 11th-seeded Wyatt Stone and Callan Dawson 11-1, 11-9, with strategic execution.

Looking forward, Haworth and Goldin face 5th-seeded Hayden Patriquin and Pablo Tellez in the Round of 16, promising intense competition. The Orange County Cup continues to deliver excitement and unpredictability as teams vie for advancement, setting the stage for more thrilling matchups in San Clemente, California.

Our Readers Queries:

Ques: Who is Collin Shick?

Ans: Collin Shick is a former college tennis player from North Carolina State University, where he studied chemical engineering. He played a significant role in helping the Wolfpack achieve a ranking as high as No. 6 in the NCAA rankings. Individually, he reached No. 27 in the NCAA doubles rankings during his tennis career. He is now active in the pickleball community, competing on the PPA Tour.

Ques: How old is Wyatt Stone in pickleball?

Ans: Wyatt Stone is currently 19 years old. He resides in New Braunfels, TX, and turned professional in 2022. Wyatt is one of the youngest players on the professional pickleball tour, playing right-handed with a Gearbox paddle.



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