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PPA Tour’s Orange County Cup 2024 Flop Moments

PPA Tour’s Orange County Cup 2024: While the Select Medical Orange County Cup in San Clemente delivered excitement and standout performances, there were also moments that stood out as misses from an otherwise stellar event. Here’s a look at what didn’t quite hit the mark.

Johns Brothers’ Early Exit

Ben johns and Collin Johns, known for their strong partnership, suffered an unexpected quarterfinal defeat. For most players, reaching the quarterfinals would be a commendable achievement, but for the Johns brothers, it’s a significant disappointment. Social media chatter has begun speculating if Ben may seek a new partner, sparking discussions about potential changes in the Johns’ dynamic.

Partnerships in Flux

In women’s doubles, Etta Wright faced challenges with her partner Meghan Dizon, who struggled to perform consistently in San Clemente. Dizon’s recent form has been underwhelming, prompting considerations for Wright to seek a new doubles partner. Tina Pisnik emerges as a potential candidate to complement Wright’s game. In mixed doubles, Wright teamed up with Hunter Johnson, who played decently, but there’s a sense that Wright deserves a more stable and elite partnership. Perhaps a reunion with Riley Newman could reignite their previous success.

The Role of Chirping in Pickleball

Jack Sock brought a new level of banter to the PPA Tour, injecting personality into matches with his friendly exchanges. However, there’s a fine line between good-natured banter and what could be deemed as negative chirping. Instances of cursing or making derogatory remarks towards opponents, while drawing warnings, raise concerns about sportsmanship. Suggestions for implementing technical warnings for such behavior highlight the need for maintaining respectful conduct on the court. While personality and some level of chirping can add to the entertainment, it’s crucial to uphold standards of fair play.

Looking Ahead

James Ignatowich’s suggestion to host half the events in San Clemente after its success in the Select Medical Orange County Cup resonates with many. The venue’s charm, coupled with the superb organization of the event, made it a standout on the PPA Tour calendar. As the tour moves forward, the next stop is Kansas City on August 7. San Clemente will once again take center stage in December for the PPA Finals, promising more thrilling pickleball action.

As the 2024 PPA Tour progresses, each event brings its share of highs and lows, reflecting the dynamic nature of competitive pickleball. Stay tuned for more insights and updates as the season unfolds.

PPA Tour's Orange County Cup 2024

News in Brief: PPA Tour’s Orange County Cup 2024

The Select Medical Orange County Cup on the PPA Tour in San Clemente delivered excitement and standout performances but also had its share of disappointing moments. Ben and Collin Johns’ early exit in the quarterfinals raised eyebrows, prompting speculation about potential changes in their partnership dynamics. In women’s doubles, Etta Wright faced challenges with Meghan Dizon’s inconsistent performance, leading to discussions about finding a new partner like Tina Pisnik.

Jack Sock brought personality to matches with banter, but concerns over sportsmanship arose with instances of negative chirping. Looking ahead, James Ignatowich’s proposal to host more events in San Clemente after its successful run underscores its appeal. With the Kansas City Open next on August 7 and San Clemente set for the PPA Finals in December, the 2024 tour promises continued highs and lows in competitive pickleball.

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