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PPA Tour Men’s Doubles Rankings 2024: Post San Clemente

PPA Tour Men’s Doubles Rankings 2024: As the dust settles from the latest showdown in San Clemente, Dylan Frazier emerges as the new top dog in men’s doubles on the PPA Tour. Partnered with JW Johnson, Frazier secured their fifth title of the year, a feat that led him to the No. 1 ranking. With a commanding 600-point lead, Frazier now sits comfortably ahead of former leader Ben Johns, who finds himself tied for second place alongside Johnson at 16,100 points.

Meanwhile, Julian Arnold showcased his rising talent at Life Time Rancho San Clemente, making a significant leap from No. 20 to No. 16 in the rankings. His standout performance alongside Jack Munro, reaching the semifinals, underscores his rapid ascent in the competitive landscape of men’s doubles.

In another notable shift, Tyson McGuffin has solidified his position in the Top 5 of both men’s singles and doubles rankings. His partnership with Dekel Bar proved fruitful once again, earning them their fourth bronze medal of the season and boosting McGuffin from No. 7 to No. 5 in the rankings.

Top 20 in Men’s Doubles:

Rank Player Country Points
1 Dylan Frazier USA 16700
2 Ben Johns USA 16100
2 James Johnson USA 16100
4 Collin Johns USA 15000
5 Tyson McGuffin USA 10550
6 Federico Staksrud ARG 10500
7 Matt Wright USA 9800
8 Pablo Tellez COL 9400
9 Dekel Bar ISR 8200
10 Thomas Wilson USA 7800
11 James Ignatowich USA 6750
12 Christian Alshon USA 6600
13 Riley Newman USA 6050
14 Hayden Patriquin USA 5650
15 Connor Garnett USA 5600
16 Julian Arnold USA 4550
17 Jaume Martinez Vich ESP 4500
18 Jay Devilliers FRA 4350
19 Tyler Loong USA 4300
20 Gabriel Tardio BOL 4150


The PPA rankings reflect not just points earned, but the intensity and strategy these players bring to each match. With each tournament, the leaderboard sees shifts that highlight the dynamic nature of professional pickleball. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on how these top contenders continue to shape the landscape of the sport.

News in Brief: PPA Tour Men’s Doubles Rankings 2024

Dylan Frazier secured  the top spot in men’s doubles on the PPA Tour after securing his fifth title of the year with JW Johnson. With a commanding lead of 600 points, Frazier now leads the rankings ahead of Ben Johns and Johnson, who are tied for second place. Julian Arnold’s rise to No. 16 underscores his emerging talent, while Tyson McGuffin solidified his Top 5 status in both singles and doubles. The rankings reflect the competitive intensity and strategic prowess of these players, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead in professional pickleball.

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