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Anna Leigh Waters Continues Dominance at Orange County Cup

Anna Leigh Waters Continues Dominance: The Orange County Cup presented by FitVine Wine offered yet another stage for Anna Leigh Waters to present her dominance in women’s singles, as she took on her alarming rival, Catherine Parenteau. In what has become a familiar outcome, Waters emerged victorious, securing her 19th career win over Parenteau with a direct straight-sets victory, 11-6, 11-6.

A Record-Breaking Triumph

Waters’ victory in the women’s singles final was more than just another achievement on her belt. It marked her 27th career triple crown, a feat that included winning the singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles at the same event. In 2024 alone, she has achieved this remarkable milestone seven times, further fixing her status as the unparalleled #1 ranked women’s singles player on the PPA Tour.

Movements in the Rankings

Beyond the Waters-Parenteau showdown, the women’s singles draw saw other notable movements. Judit Castillo, riding the momentum of her bronze medal performance, moved up from No. 9 to No. 7 in the rankings. Castillo’s final match victory over Brooke Buckner underscored her rising status in the sport, while Buckner herself climbed from No. 7 to No. 6 thanks to her strong semifinal run.

Meanwhile, Rachel Rohrabacher made a noteworthy return to singles competition. Competing in her first singles tournament since September, Rohrabacher advanced to the quarterfinals, a performance that boosted her to the No. 22 spot in the rankings. Her comeback adds another layer of intrigue to an already competitive field.

Women’s Singles Rankings

Rank Player Country Points
1 Anna Leigh Waters USA 20100
2 Catherine Parenteau CAN 13100
3 Lea Jansen USA 8200
4 Mary Brascia USA 7600
5 Salome Devidze GEO 6100
6 Brooke Buckner USA 5100
7 Judit Castillo ESP 4950
8 Lauren Stratman USA 4850
9 Parris Todd USA 4125
10 Kaitlyn Christian USA 4050
11 Lacy Schneemann USA 3750
12 Lina Padegimaite LTU 3575
13 Jorja Johnson USA 3100
14 Dominique Schaefer PER 2950
15 Irina Tereschenko RUS 2875
16 Taylor Garcia USA 2075
17 Yana Newell RUS 2050
18 Ava Ignatowich USA 1925
19 Jamie Haas USA 1750
20 Liz Truluck USA 1725

Yet, the narrative remains centered on Anna Leigh Waters. Her latest victory over Parenteau not only solidifies her reign but also likely widens the gap between herself and the rest of the top women’s singles players on the PPA Tour. Waters’ dominance continues to be the defining story of the season, with each tournament strengthening her legacy as the sport’s premier athlete.

As the tour progresses, the question remains: who, if anyone, can challenge Waters’ supremacy? For now, she stands alone at the pinnacle, her victories a testament to her unparalleled skill, determination, and consistency in the world of professional pickleball.

Anna Leigh Waters Continues Dominance1

News in Brief: Anna Leigh Waters Continues Dominance

Anna Leigh Waters extended her dominance at the Orange County Cup with a straight-sets victory over Catherine Parenteau in the women’s singles final, marking her 19th career win over her rival. Waters’ victory also included her 27th career triple crown, underscoring her as the #1 ranked women’s singles player on the PPA Tour. Judit Castillo and Brooke Buckner made significant moves in the rankings with strong performances, while Rachel Rohrabacher’s return added intrigue to the competition. Waters’ continued success sets the stage for an intriguing season ahead in professional pickleball.

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