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2024 USAP National Championships Prize Money Reaches $225K

2024 USAP National Championships: In a significant raise for pickleball athletes across the nation, USA Pickleball has announced a robust $225,000 prize purse for the upcoming 2024 BioFreeze USA Pickleball National Championships, expected to take place from November 9-17 at the Arizona Athletic Grounds in Mesa, Ariz.

Competitive Divisions

Competitors in professional divisions under USA Pickleball membership will have the opportunity to compete for prize money across three fiercely competitive categories: Pro, Champions Pro, and Masters Pro.

“The significant prize purse reflects USA Pickleball’s commitment to elevating the sport, supporting pro athletes and providing competitive opportunities at the highest level,The Arizona Athletic Grounds will be the perfect backdrop for highlighting the skill and dedication of our members as well as recognizing their achievements and rewarding excellence in the sport.”- (Mike Nealy)

Prize Categories

Each of the competitive divisions will offer prize payouts across multiple categories, including Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s and Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. The Pro Division will distribute prizes up to the round of 16, while the Champions Pro Division (comprising competitors aged 50 and older) will extend payouts through the quarterfinals. Additionally, the Masters Pro Division (for competitors aged 60 and older) will reward four top placements.

Inclusive Event

In addition to the professional divisions, the 2024 BioFreeze USA Pickleball National Championships will also feature amateur divisions ranging from Juniors through the 80+ category, as well as adaptive events. Qualification for USA Pickleball members was secured through participation in a USA Pickleball Golden Ticket qualifying event, with registration set to open in August 2024.

As anticipation builds for this prestigious event, pickleball enthusiasts and competitors alike are preparing for a thrilling presentation of talent and sportsmanship in Mesa. With its generous prize offerings and diverse competition lineup, the championships promise to be a landmark event in the world of pickleball, highlighting the sport’s growth and the dedication of its passionate community.

2024 USAP National Championships

News in Brief: 2024 USAP National Championships

USA Pickleball has announced a significant $225,000 prize purse for the 2024 BioFreeze USA Pickleball National Championships, scheduled from November 9-17 at the Arizona Athletic Grounds in Mesa, Arizona. The championships will feature competitive divisions including Pro, Champions Pro (age 50+), and Masters Pro (age 60+), offering prize payouts across Men’s and Women’s Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. This event underlines USA Pickleball’s commitment to advancing the sport and supporting its athletes, promising an inclusive and thrilling showcase of talent and sportsmanship across various age groups and categories. Registration opens in August 2024, setting the stage for a landmark event in pickleball’s competitive landscape.

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