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Pickleball Expansion at Wakefield Park is Under Discussion

Pickleball Expansion at Wakefield Park: Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) is exploring a significant overhaul of court facilities at Wakefield Park in Annandale, with a focus on bolstering pickleball offerings. In an effort to better meet community demand, FCPA is proposing to convert a tennis court into four dedicated pickleball courts, reflecting a shift in court usage patterns observed over recent years.

A virtual community meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at 7 p.m., where FCPA officials will unveil their proposal. This initiative aims to address the current imbalance noted in court utilization at Wakefield Park. Currently, two dual-use tennis courts—originally designed for both tennis and pickleball—are predominantly occupied by pickleball players. To streamline usage and cater to specific sport preferences, FCPA plans to convert these dual-use courts into tennis-only facilities, resulting in a total of 10 dedicated tennis courts and six dedicated pickleball courts within the park.

Located at 8100 Braddock Road, Wakefield Park currently boasts nine tennis courts, two dual-use courts, and two standalone pickleball courts. Following the proposed changes, the park will feature an expanded pickleball footprint while maintaining robust tennis facilities to serve the broader community.

After tomorrow’s presentation, FCPA will open a comment period from July 9 to August 8 to solicit public feedback on the proposal. The project is envisioned in two phases, with the first phase aiming for completion by early fall pending approval, and the second phase potentially adding two more pickleball courts by spring 2025, contingent upon logistical considerations and community input.

The FCPA noted in its press release that timelines could be adjusted depending on the approval of the proposal and weather conditions during the project window.

“Timelines are subject to change based on the timing of the proposal approval and weather conditions during the project window,” -( FCPA)



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