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MLP Mid Season Tournament Roster: Shaking Up Competition

MLP Mid Season Tournament Roster: As the MLP Mid-Season Tournament approaches, teams across the Premier and Challenger divisions are adjusting their lineups with significant roster changes. With a substantial $200,000 prize pool on the line, these substitutions could play a crucial role in determining the outcomes in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Arizona Drive: Adjusting with AJ Koller

The Arizona Drive, seeded 10th, will be without Andrei Daescu due to an ongoing suspension related to a paddle-testing incident at MLP Atlanta. In his place steps AJ Koller, who joins forces with Dylan Frazier, Lacy Schneemann, and Kaitlyn Christian. Frazier, already familiar with Schneemann from mixed doubles in Atlanta, is likely to pair with Koller for the upcoming matches. Facing the 7th-seeded Los Angeles Mad Drops in their opener, Arizona aims to capitalize on Koller’s inclusion to bolster their chances in the tournament.

Los Angeles Mad Drops: Adapting to Absences

Los Angeles faces a similar challenge with their top picks, Catherine Parenteau and Thomas Wilson, unavailable. Emily Cederquist fills in for Parenteau, bringing her competitive spirit fresh from a recent women’s doubles victory at APP Newport Beach. Blaine Hovenier, making his MLP debut, substitutes for Wilson, joining forces with Jade Kawamoto and Hunter Johnson, both familiar from their successful mixed doubles outings in Atlanta. The Mad Drops look to maintain their competitive edge despite these key absences.


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Bay Area Breakers: Strategic Shifts

The Bay Area Breakers have undergone a significant transformation since the start of the season, highlighted by a flurry of roster moves. Originally led by Vivian Glozman and Collin Shick, the team saw a strategic shift with Glozman’s departure to D.C. Pickleball Team. Ahead of the Mid-Season Tournament, three new substitutions underscore their commitment to finding the winning formula. Rachel Rettger returns alongside MLP debutant Samantha Parker and newcomer Grayson Goldin, known for his singles prowess. With Rettger and Shick aiming to continue their winning chemistry and Goldin poised to make his mark, the Breakers promise an intriguing storyline in Grand Rapids.

California Black Bears: Revamped Lineup

At the bottom of the Challenger standings, the California Black Bears have revamped their lineup with Susannah Barr and Brandon French stepping in during the waiver period. Michelle Esquivel now fills in for Barr, joining Rafa Hewett and Amanda Hendry. Esquivel’s experience in MLP competition adds a seasoned perspective to a team looking to improve upon a challenging start to the season. With French set to compete, the Black Bears aim to capitalize on these adjustments to climb the standings in Grand Rapids.

Player Alternates

On-site player alternates for the tournament include five males: Roscoe Bellamy, Marshall Brown, Martin Emmrich, Wyatt Stone, and Pesa Teoni, alongside two females: Christine Maddox and Liz Truluck. These alternates stand ready to step in if needed throughout the event, adding an element of depth and readiness to the competition.

Anticipated Action in Grand Rapids

As the MLP Mid-Season Tournament kicks off, these roster changes inject fresh dynamics into the competition. Each team, from the Arizona Drive to the California Black Bears, navigates strategic adjustments in pursuit of tournament success. With high stakes and intense matchups ahead, Grand Rapids promises compelling action as teams vie for victory and a share of the substantial prize pool. Coverage spans across ESPN2, Tennis Channel, Pickleball TV, and MLP’s YouTube Channel, ensuring fans don’t miss a moment of the action from this pivotal event.

News in Brief: MLP Mid Season Tournament Roster

The MLP Mid-Season Tournament in Grand Rapids sees teams like the Arizona Drive adapting with AJ Koller in place of Andrei Daescu, aiming to capitalize against the Los Angeles Mad Drops, who adjust with Emily Cederquist and Blaine Hovenier. Meanwhile, the Bay Area Breakers strategize with new additions Rachel Rettger, Samantha Parker, and Grayson Goldin following Vivian Glozman’s departure. In the Challenger division, the California Black Bears bring in Michelle Esquivel and Brandon French for an improved lineup. With significant roster changes shaping each team’s approach, the tournament promises intense competition and intriguing storylines as teams vie for success and a share of the $200,000 prize pool.

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