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Wesselman Park Pickleball Courts Grand Opening Sparks Tournament Fever

Wesselman Park Pickleball Courts Grand Opening: Among the anticipation of nearly Mayor Stephanie Terry took a moment on Thursday to embrace the sport firsthand, paddle in hand.

In a lighthearted exchange with the three young companions accompanying her, decisions ensued based on her familiarity with the game’s rules. Finally, they decided on a casual “hit around” session without any formal regulations.

“Yeah, let’s do that,” Terry chuckled. “No rules.”

With that, a brisk exchange of shots marked the conclusion of the ribbon-cutting festivities, heralding the debut of 16 pristine courts tailored for the local pickleball community and upcoming tournaments.

Reflecting on the journey leading up to this milestone, Danielle Crook, Director of Evansville Parks and Recreation, acknowledged the varied chapters encountered along the way, some smoother than others.

The project’s origins date back to 2022, with numerous iterations of the blueprint inspected before settling on the final design, which includes 16 courts. Yet, the process wasn’t without its share of discord, as public opinion diverged between proponents of the “Save Wesselman Park” movement and advocates for the Evansville Pickleball Outdoor Courts organization.

Today, Evansville proudly boasts the largest post-tension pickleball facility in Indiana, a testament to the enduring commitment to longevity and quality. Crook emphasized the significance, stating, “With the completion of these courts, people of all ages will be able to engage in a healthy lifestyle through the sport of pickleball.”

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The inaugural Paramount Pickleball Tournament, slated from Friday through Sunday, promises to christen the courts in style. As anticipation mounts, 190 players have already registered from across five states, according to the tournament’s official website.

“This endeavor is a true labor of love,” remarked Mayor Terry, acknowledging the dedication of those involved in realizing the vision of activating green spaces for the betterment of the community. “It’s a testament to our collective commitment to fostering a healthier Evansville.”

The tournament participants will receive two complimentary admission passes to Wesselman Woods, which will enhance their experience with the natural beauty the locale offers. Furthermore, over the weekend, food trucks will station onsite to ensure sustenance amidst the spirited competition.

“This marks just the beginning of what promises to be an exhilarating journey for pickleball enthusiasts in Evansville,” Terry concluded, brimming with optimism for the burgeoning pickleball scene in the city.

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