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Mia Esteban Finds Passion in Pickleball, Steps Out of Sister’s Shadow

Mia Esteban Finds Passion in Pickleball: Mia Esteban, aspiring to emulate her sister, Paris Olympic-bound fencer Maxine Esteban, seeks to carve her own niche in the realm of sports, albeit in a distinct discipline.

Raised in a family of athletes, Mia’s quest to discover a sport that resonates with her and provides a sense of belonging is only natural.

Though she once traversed the volleyball courts of collegiate competition and even tested her mettle as a fencer like her sibling, Mia’s heart found solace in one of the nation’s burgeoning pastimes: pickleball.

Mia initially pursued this combination of badminton, tennis, and table tennis as a recreational activity, but it quickly developed into a passion she aspired to excel in and gain recognition for.

“I initially ventured into pickleball recreationally to not only engage in a sport that would motivate my mother to maintain her fitness regimen alongside me, but also to share a sporting activity with my boyfriend,” disclosed 23-year-old Esteban, a distinguished graduate of Management Engineering from Ateneo last year.

Mia’s burgeoning reputation within the pickleball sphere culminated in a sponsorship deal with Joola, a distinguished US-based paddle brand for both pickleball and table tennis.

She exclaimed, “It’s truly surreal to have received sponsorship from Joola, enabling me to train under their tutelage at the Javaj Academy and aspire to one day represent them in competition.”

Mia said, “I’m somewhat baffled as to why they singled me out amidst the array of adept pickleball athletes, but they informed me that it was due to my adeptness in swiftly grasping new concepts, receptiveness to instruction, and the untapped potential they discerned in me to evolve into a professional athlete.”

Certainly, such athletic prowess runs deep within the Esteban lineage. Mia’s elder sister, Maxine, now donning the colors of Ivory Coast, has triumphed over numerous hurdles to realize her lifelong ambition of Olympic participation.

While acknowledging the weight of expectations associated with her status as the sibling of an Olympic-caliber athlete, Mia sees it as a wellspring of inspiration to chart her own course and strive for personal excellence.

News in Brief :Mia Esteban Finds Passion in Pickleball

Mia Esteban, inspired by her sister’s Olympic journey, has found her passion in pickleball after dabbling in volleyball and fencing. The 23-year-old Ateneo graduate’s dedication led to a sponsorship with Joola, propelling her towards professional aspirations. Her family’s athletic legacy, including sister Maxine’s Olympic success, fuels Mia’s determination to carve her own path while embracing the challenge.

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