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New Pickleball Courts Set to Shine on June 10

New Pickleball Courts Set to Shine: Durango Parks and Recreation has announced that the contractor overseeing the construction of the new six-court pickleball facility in Schneider Park plans to commence the final stages of the project on June 10. This will include the application of epoxy and painted lines, which can only be done in dry conditions with nighttime temperatures forecasted to remain above 45 degrees Fahrenheit for 72 hours.

Rachel Hart, the open space and trails design manager for Durango Parks and Recreation, explained the delay in completion. Initially slated for late spring or early summer, the project has been pushed back due to consistently cold nighttime temperatures. Despite the courts being nearly ready for use, they have remained closed awaiting warmer weather.

FCI Constructors, Inc., the contractor for the project, has not provided a specific date for the opening of the courts, citing various unknown factors that can affect the timeline.

New Pickleball Courts Set to Shine on June 10

In addition to the pickleball courts, the Schneider Park improvement project includes new lighting along the Animas River Trail, public art installations, a swing set, bike racks, benches, tables, and a shade structure. The new lighting installation has resulted in the temporary closure of swimming spots along the river, as orange fencing has been installed to protect the river bank, which was disturbed during the installation process, making the soil more prone to erosion.

Hart emphasized that the fencing will be removed once there is substantial vegetation growth, as it is crucial for the new seed’s success. Schneider Park was one of the last unlit sections of the Animas River Trail, and as older sections of the trail are upgraded or rebuilt, lighting will be included in the improvements.

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