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Lotto Teams Up with Brooklyn Aces for Pickleball Revolution

Lotto Teams Up with Brooklyn Aces: Lotto, the renowned Italian sports brand, has entered into a strategic partnership with the Brooklyn Aces, alongside prominent owners Kevin Durant, Rich Kleiman, Drake, and Michael B. Jordan. This groundbreaking collaboration marks Lotto as the first athletic brand within a professional pickleball team ownership consortium.

The agreement calls for the seamless integration of Lotto’s branding into the Brooklyn Aces logo and its prominent display on player apparel. Renowned for its performance-driven footwear, apparel, and accessories, Lotto, established in 1973, will serve as the team’s official apparel sponsor. With a rich legacy in tennis and soccer, Lotto has recently expanded its presence in the rapidly growing sport of pickleball.

In 2023, Lotto solidified its commitment to the U.S. market through a partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods, positioning itself as the anchor retail partner for soccer and racquet sports products. The move underscores Lotto’s strategic alignment with the pickleball sector, highlighted by the sport’s remarkable growth trajectory. According to the 2024 Sports & Fitness Industry Association Topline Participation report, pickleball has sustained its status as the fastest-growing sport in America for the third consecutive year, witnessing a staggering 51.8% increase from 2022 to 2023 and a remarkable 223.5% surge over three years.

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Jameel Spencer, Chief Marketing Officer of Fashion and Athletic Verticals at WHP Global, the parent company of Lotto, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, citing pickleball’s meteoric rise as a catalyst for brand expansion. Rich Kleiman, CEO of Boardroom and majority owner of the Aces, echoed these sentiments, highlighting Lotto’s commitment to both the team’s success and the broader advancement of pickleball.

“With Lotto’s heritage in soccer and racquet sports, pickleball’s explosion on the scene presents a natural opportunity for brand growth.”  – Jameel Spencer

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome Lotto as part of the Brooklyn Aces team. Not only are they committed to the growth of this team, but to the growth of pickleball as a whole.” – Rich Kleiman

As the Brooklyn Aces embark on their second season in Major League Pickleball, Lotto’s role as the team’s anchor product partner solidifies its position within the pickleball community. Beyond supplying gear and apparel, Lotto’s partnership underscores its long-term commitment to the sport’s flourishing landscape.

News in Brief : Lotto Teams Up with Brooklyn Aces

Italian sports giant Lotto joins forces with Brooklyn Aces, led by Kevin Durant and Drake, in a groundbreaking partnership, marking Lotto’s debut as the first athletic brand in a professional pickleball team ownership. The collaboration promises seamless integration of Lotto’s branding into Aces’ logo and player apparel. With pickleball’s skyrocketing popularity, Lotto’s move signifies a strategic expansion into this booming market, further solidified by its recent partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods. As pickleball continues its unprecedented growth, Lotto’s commitment to the sport’s advancement is evident, positioning itself as a key player in its flourishing landscape.

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