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Toon Town Launches Indoor Pickleball Courts in Downtown

Toon Town Launches Indoor Pickleball Courts: Toon Town Pickleball recently unveiled its cutting-edge indoor facility adjacent to EverBank Stadium, attracting a crowd of over 500 during its highly anticipated grand opening weekend. Housed within a diligently renovated warehouse on Church Street, formerly a bustling hub for local pizzerias and food trucks, the six-court complex represents a transformative $500,000 investment.

The concept originated to life three years ago when Richard Parkes, a passionate pickleball player, recognized the site’s potential. Teaming up with building owner Chance Gerisch, they outfitted the venue with state-of-the-art PlaySight cameras, enabling seamless match recordings and live streaming. Spectators are treated to an immersive viewing experience on expansive 85-inch screens strategically positioned around the courts and within the Toon Town bar—a newly constructed concrete slab where guests can savor a selection of beers and wines, with plans to introduce a delectable bar food menu by the end of July.

“One game you’re competing with someone, and then the next thing you know, you’re playing against that person,It almost becomes a whole big family, and you end up knowing everybody”- (Richard Parkes)

Following a successful five-week soft opening that saw approximately 100 memberships secured, Gerisch aims to expand their membership base by an additional 100 individuals per quarter, with an ultimate target of accommodating 500 to 600 members to ensure optimal facility use. Membership options range from $175 to $2,950 annually, offering benefits such as unlimited open play access and the convenience of reserving slots up to a week in advance.

Feature Details
Location Downtown adjacent to EverBank Stadium, on Church Street, Jacksonville, FL.
Facility Type Indoor pickleball complex in a renovated warehouse
Grand Opening Over 500 attendees celebrated the opening weekend
Investment $500,000 in construction costs
Court Details Six courts, including: 2 courts with viewing stands, PlaySight cameras for match recording and live streaming
Membership Approximately 100 memberships signed during soft opening, membership range: $175 to $2,950 annually, benefits include unlimited open play and advance slot reservations


Toon Town boasts a vibrant atmosphere enriched by a stunning array of graffiti art, masterfully curated by renowned artist Kyle “KBMR” Montero and other local street artists. Highlights include a captivating Jaguars-themed mural crafted by Clay Misner, adding a unique flair that sets Toon Town apart as more than just a sports facility—it’s a cultural destination where art and athletics converge harmoniously.

Gerisch is passionate about the venue’s distinctive vibe, envisioning it as a gathering place where sports enthusiasts and art aficionados alike can come together to enjoy an unparalleled social experience. With its blend of innovative technology, artistic expression, and community spirit, Toon Town Pickleball stands as a pioneering example of how sports venues can transcend their traditional roles to become vibrant hubs of culture.

Toon Town Launches Indoor Pickleball Courts in Downtown

About Toon Town Pickleball

Toon Town Pickleball stands as one of Jacksonville, FL’s premier pickleball venues, featuring six indoor hard courts equipped with permanent lines and nets. These dedicated courts can be reserved in advance. Players can enjoy various amenities, including restrooms, a pro shop, lights, food, water, and access to trainers or lessons. A one-time fee is required for playing.

Surface & Features

  • Hard Surface
  • 6 Indoor Courts

Nets & Lines

  • Permanent Lines
  • Permanent Nets


  • Restrooms
  • Pro Shop
  • Lighted Courts
  • Food and Drinks
  • Water
  • Trainers & Lessons

News in Brief: Toon Town Launches Indoor Pickleball Courts

Toon Town Pickleball has launched a state-of-the-art indoor facility in downtown, drawing over 500 attendees to its grand opening near EverBank Stadium. Featuring six courts equipped with advanced PlaySight cameras for live streaming, the venue offers a dynamic viewing experience enhanced by 85-inch screens and a stylish bar serving beverages with forthcoming food options. Following a successful soft opening, memberships have surged, aiming to reach 500-600 members. The venue’s unique appeal is further enriched by vibrant graffiti art and a Jaguars-themed mural, creating a distinctive cultural and social hub for sports enthusiasts and art lovers alike

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