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Pickle is Coming to 2036 Olympics, Claims Louis Laville

Pickle is Coming to 2036 Olympics: Louis Laville, a prominent figure in the pickleball world, envisions the sport’s potential inclusion in the Olympics within the next decade. Despite its recent surge in popularity worldwide, pickleball’s bid for Olympic status faces logistical challenges, with the Los Angeles 2028 Games already committed to new sports like flag football and lacrosse.

Laville, known for his top-tier performance in Europe and dedication as a sport ambassador, believes the 2036 Olympics could be a realistic target for pickleball. Reflecting on his role in promoting the sport and nurturing future talent, Laville remains optimistic about pickleball’s global growth trajectory, emphasizing its inclusive and competitive spirit both on and off the court.

I like to see myself as an ambassador of the sport and try to lead the next generation into it and to give my absolute all to grow the sport as much as possible,” said Laville.

Introduced to pickleball by his mother during a vacation in Florida seven years ago, Laville quickly rose through the ranks to become Europe’s top player. Beyond his competitive achievements, Laville is deeply involved in coaching, emphasizing enjoyment and camaraderie as core values of the sport.

I like introducing people to the game because I want people to enjoy it as well. I like people on court enjoying themselves, which is ultimately why we play sport and that’s what it’s all about,” Laville remarked. “I love that you can be fiercely competitive on the court, but you know they’re your mates on the court. There’s no bad blood between anyone, you have a good time and ultimately, we’re all friends.

As Laville prepares to compete for the English Open title this summer, his passion for pickleball remains unwavering. He envisions a future where pickleball’s blend of competition and enjoyment continues to attract enthusiasts worldwide, bolstering its case for Olympic recognition in the years to come.

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News in Brief : Pickle is Coming to 2036 Olympics

Louis Laville, a leading figure in pickleball, sees Olympic potential by 2036 despite current challenges. As Europe’s top player and ambassador, he promotes the sport’s inclusive spirit and competitive edge, aiming to expand its global presence. Laville reflects on his journey from newcomer to advocate, emphasizing pickleball’s community and camaraderie. His ambition for Olympic gold underscores his dedication as he prepares for the English Open.

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