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Eugenie Bouchard’s New Career Move After Tennis Shake-Up

Eugenie Bouchard’s New Career Move: Eugenie Bouchard, the former tennis star, has found a new role, less than a year after stepping back from competitive tennis. Last September, Bouchard missed out on qualifying for the US Open after losing to Dayana Yastremska, persuading her decision to reduce her tennis commitments at the age of 29.

Although she hasn’t officially retired from tennis and holds a current world ranking of 522, Bouchard confirmed her participation in the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) tour for 2024. Pickleball, a racket sport involving hitting a plastic ball with paddles, is considered less physically demanding than tennis.

Now, the former Wimbledon finalist has stepped up to the commentator’s chair. She shared the news on X, where she has amassed a following of over 1.5 million fans. “Guys, I’m on @TennisChannel all this week!” she announced. “Catch me at 12pm PT/3pm ET live every day.” She will be calling matches from 9am PT/12pm ET.


The TennisChannel is popular for streaming tournament matches from the ATP and WTA tours. This week, it’s covering events in Halle, London, Berlin, and Birmingham. Bouchard’s debut as a pundit will see her providing expert analysis at the Grass Court Championships in Germany.

Back in 2014, Bouchard burst onto the scene, becoming the first Canadian to reach a Wimbledon final, where she was defeated by Petra Kvitova. She also reached the semi-finals of the Australian and French Opens and achieved a career-high ranking of world No.5. During that standout season, she clinched her lone ATP title in Germany.

However, injuries took their toll, and Bouchard struggled to regain her top form, eventually falling out of the top 500 rankings. Criticism mounted over her perceived prioritization of endorsements and off-court commitments over her tennis career.

Eugenie Bouchard's New Career Move

In spite of the ups and downs, Bouchard’s transition to the commentator’s chair marks a new chapter in her career, signaling her continued presence in the world of tennis even though in a different capacity.

News in Brief: Eugenie Bouchard’s New Career Move

Eugenie Bouchard, once a prominent figure in tennis, has stepped up on a new chapter following her decision to scale back on competitive play last year. In spite of not officially retiring and maintaining a world ranking of 522, Bouchard has ventured into the world of pickleball and now steps into the commentator’s role. She announced her debut on the Tennis Channel, where she will provide expert analysis during the Grass Court Championships in Germany.

Known for her breakthrough at Wimbledon in 2014, reaching the final and achieving a career-high ranking of No. 5, Bouchard’s career has seen its challenges with injuries and fluctuating form. Nevertheless, her move to commentary marks her ongoing involvement in tennis, even though in a different capacity, as she transitions to a new role off the court.

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