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Grand Junction Wraps Up Tennis and Pickleball Expansion

Grand Junction Wraps Up Tennis and Pickleball Expansion: On June 13, the city of Grand Junction held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Lincoln Park to celebrate the completion of a significant expansion project for tennis and pickleball facilities. The new development showcases the city’s commitment to promoting these sports and providing top-notch facilities for its residents.

The Tennis and Pickleball Expansion Project has added 12 new courts to Lincoln Park, bringing the total number of pickleball courts there to 16. This expansion serves to the growing popularity of pickleball, a sport that has seen a rapid rise in participants of all ages. The new courts are expected to host local tournaments, recreational play, and possibly even regional competitions.

Meanwhile, over at Canyon View Park, the city has constructed four new tennis courts, increasing the total number to 16. These new courts will help accommodate the tennis community in Grand Junction, providing more space for players to practice, compete, and enjoy the game.

One of the standout features of this project is the installation of international dark sky-certified LED lights at both Parks. These lights are designed to minimize light pollution, providing clear visibility while preserving the night sky. The new lighting extends the hours of play into the evening, allowing for more flexibility and convenience for those who work during the day or prefer playing in cooler evening temperatures.

This expansion project highlights Grand Junction’s dedication to enhancing recreational facilities and promoting active lifestyles among its residents. City officials, local players, and community members who gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony all celebrated this achievement, recognizing the positive impact these new courts will have on the community.

Grand Junction Wraps Up Tennis and Pickleball Expansion

In a city that values outdoor activities and community engagement, the new tennis and pickleball courts are more than just additions to the parks—they are spaces where friendships will be built, skills will develop, and memories will be made. Grand Junction has set a new standard for community sports facilities, reflecting a broader commitment to promoting an active and connected community.

News in Brief: Grand Junction Wraps Up Tennis and Pickleball Expansion

Grand Junction celebrated the completion of its Tennis and Pickleball Expansion Project on June 13 at Lincoln Park. The project added 12 new pickleball courts, totaling 20, and four new tennis courts at Canyon View Park, totaling 16. Both parks now feature dark sky-certified LED lights to extend play into the evening, reflecting the city’s commitment to promoting active lifestyles and enhancing community sports facilities.

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