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Tackling Tennis Elbow in Pickleball by Ben Johns’ Therapist

Tackling Tennis Elbow in Pickleball: In pickleball, where precision and technique reign supreme, even the slightest discomfort like a tennis elbow can pose challenges for players. Ben Johns, renowned for his skills on the court, recently shared his perspective on this common ailment.

“I personally have not really experienced it. I haven’t had elbow problems since I played baseball. And that’s baseball elbow, not tennis elbow. A little bit of a different spot for curing. I know some people try different paddles. A lot of people ice, but I defer to Noe here.” – (johns)

Understanding Tennis Elbow in Pickleball

For those unfamiliar, tennis elbow isn’t exclusive to tennis players—it can affect anyone whose activities involve repetitive arm movements. Dr. Noe Sariban, Johns’ trusted physical therapist, sheds light on the mechanics behind this condition.

“Tennis elbow is one of those things where what I’ve seen from my coaching, most of the time is due to fault mechanics when usually hitting backhands. (In) Pickleball, there’s a lot of slow balls at the kitchen where thinking it gets slowly behind you. Amateur players will often not move their feet and then use a lot of wrist to bring the ball back.” – (Dr. Sariban)

The culprit, according to Dr. Sariban, lies in the excessive wrist extension that places undue stress on the tendons around the elbow. While many seek quick fixes like changing paddles or applying ice, Dr. Sariban emphasizes the importance of addressing the root cause—mechanical flaws in technique.

“People tend to want to find a quick answer with the paddle and all that, but oftentimes it’s changing your mechanics and addressing the problem that way.” – (Dr. Sariban)

Addressing the Challenge: Practical Steps for Recovery

If you’re grappling with tennis elbow or aiming to prevent it, consider these insights from Ben Johns and Dr. Noe Sariban. Focus on proper footwork and stroke technique. Avoid relying solely on wrist movements during shots, especially slow-moving balls around the kitchen.

Seek guidance from a qualified physical therapist or coach who can analyze your technique and suggest corrective measures. Recovery from tennis elbow requires patience. Incorporate gentle stretching exercises and gradually reintroduce pickleball activities as symptoms improve. While equipment changes may offer some relief, prioritize technique refinement over quick fixes.


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News in Brief: Tackling Tennis Elbow in Pickleball

In pickleball, even minor discomfort like tennis elbow can impact play. Ben Johns, renowned for his skill, notes his avoidance of such issues, attributing past elbow problems to baseball. Dr. Noe Sariban, his therapist, highlights common causes—faulty mechanics during backhands or wrist-heavy movements near the kitchen.

Correcting these issues is crucial, with emphasis on technique over quick fixes like paddle changes or icing. Players should focus on footwork and stroke refinement, seeking coaching or therapy for personalized guidance.

Patience and gradual re-entry into play, along with thoughtful equipment choices, aid recovery and prevention. Johns and Dr. Sariban stress a holistic approach to enhance performance and prevent injuries in pickleball.

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