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UTR Sports Enters Pickleball: A Game-Changing Rating System

UTR Sports Enters Pickleball: Mark Leschly, CEO of UTR Sports, has set his sights on revolutionizing pickleball with a new rating system. In a recent tweet, Leschly outlined UTR’s committed plans to integrate their proven technology into the sport, promising a seamless experience that enhances player engagement and community connectivity.

UTR Sports’ Expertise and Investment

UTR Sports, known for its Universal Tennis Rating system used globally, now turns its attention to pickleball. With significant investment and a dedicated team of 150 professionals, UTR aims to streamline the player experience and foster growth within the sport.

Leschly highlights the UTR’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology to simplify participation and connectivity. Their platform promises an intuitive interface designed to connect players, highlight skill levels through ratings, and facilitate competitive matchups effortlessly.

“Technology, and making this as seamless, and as easy, and connecting people is what we just spent an extraordinary amount of money.”- Leschly.

Unlike traditional rating systems, UTR Sports adopts a non-exclusive approach, prioritizing accessibility and user choice. Leschly stresses that UTR’s goal is not to impose but to empower players and organizations with a superior toolset that enhances their pickleball experience. His remark on why should players use their platform was;

“I think it’s less about the technology now. It’s more about giving people the opportunity to participate in building momentum and buzz around it.” -Leschly

Collaboration with Industry Leaders

UTR Sports has partnered with leading organizations like the APP and USAP, who have selected UTR as their long-term partner for rating and ranking systems. This endorsement highlights UTR’s credibility and commitment to supporting pickleball’s evolution into a more structured and inclusive sport.

“We went through this process with APP and USAP, and they selected us. They vetted us carefully. They had the opportunity to work with others. They’ve selected us as our long-term partners, but it’s going to be a journey and it’s a build.” -Leschly

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Leschly acknowledged the challenges inherent in introducing new systems but expressed optimism about the journey ahead. He highlighted the industry’s potential for growth and the crucial role UTR Sports aims to play in shaping pickleball’s future.

Looking forward, UTR Sports plans to continue supporting the pickleball ecosystem with innovative solutions and responsive customer service. Leschly spotlighted their dedication to building momentum and building enthusiasm among players and stakeholders.

“And there’s going to be bumps along the road. There always is, but boy, it’s super exciting to support this industry.” -Leschly

As UTR Sports begins on this transformative journey into pickleball, Mark Leschly’s vision for a unified rating system represents a significant step forward for the sport. With a blend of technological expertise and community-focused strategy, UTR Sports aims to redefine how players engage with pickleball, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive future for all enthusiasts.

UTR Sports’ entry into pickleball promises to raise the sport’s competitive landscape while enhancing player experiences through advanced technology and strategic partnerships. As they start on this exciting new chapter, UTR Sports invites the pickleball community to join them in shaping the future of the sport, one rating at a time.

UTR Sports Enters Pickleball
Image credit: UTR Sports

News in Brief: UTR Sports Enters Pickleball

Mark Leschly, CEO of UTR Sports, is revolutionizing pickleball with a new rating system. UTR, known for its Universal Tennis Rating, is integrating its technology into pickleball to enhance player engagement and community connectivity. With a dedicated team and significant investment, UTR aims to simplify participation and improve competitive matchups. Partnering with the APP and USAP, UTR is committed to supporting pickleball’s growth with advanced, non-exclusive tools.

Leschly acknowledges the challenges but is optimistic about the journey ahead, highlighting UTR’s role in building momentum and enthusiasm. This initiative promises to raise pickleball’s competitive landscape and player experience, inviting the community to join in shaping the sport’s future.

Our Readers Queries:

Ques: What will happen to UTPR (USA Pickleball Tournament Player Ratings)?

Ans: The future of UTPR (USA Pickleball Tournament Player Ratings) is being phased out as USA Pickleball transitions to the UTR-P Rating system. More details about this transition and the status of UTPR will be communicated in the coming weeks. UTPR is not expected to be used in the future.

Ques: What matches count towards the UTR-P Rating, and what is verified vs. unverified?

Ans: Matches that count towards the UTR-P Rating are categorized as either verified or unverified scores:

  • Verified Scores: These come from matches or tournaments that are organized and played according to verified rules. Examples include all USA Pickleball-owned events, all APP events, and all UTR Sports events. A verified UTR-P Rating is indicated by a checkmark badge on a player’s profile, signifying the high reliability and accuracy of the algorithm for that player.
  • Unverified Scores: These come from player-organized, social, or recreational matches. They are not played according to the verified rules.

The UTR-P algorithm considers at least a year of results or the past 60 games. Ratings dynamically move up and down as new results are factored in, with verified results contributing to a more accurate rating.

Ques: Does UTR Sports support any of the large-scale tours?

Ans: Yes, UTR Sports and the UTR-P Rating are the official rating systems for several large-scale pickleball tours, including the APP (Association of Pickleball Players) Tour and APP Next Gen events.

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