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OWL Sport and APP Extend Partnership: Exciting Announcement

OWL Sport and APP Extend Partnership: The Association of Pickleball Players (APP) has announced an expanded partnership with OWL Sport, marking a significant development for pickleball enthusiasts nationwide. OWL Sport, renowned for its innovative pickleball products, including the pioneering Quiet Category paddle, will now introduce the OWL CK-40 as the official ball for APP UTR Sports Pickleball Leagues, APP Signature Events, and APP Collegiate Events.

Advancing Pickleball Technology

Ryan McSpadden, APP’s Chief Revenue Officer, expressed excitement about the collaboration’s potential impact. “OWL Sport is truly changing the game with their innovative pickleball products, and we’re proud to have them as a partner,” Ryan McSpadden stated.

“Our signature events, collegiate events and the APP UTR Sports Pickleball Leagues set us apart as we continue to revolutionize the sport as one that is accessible and welcoming to all. Bringing on the OWL CK-40 represents the next step in taking our unique events and initiatives to the next level.”–Ryan Mcspadden

Named after the stealthy owl, known for its silent flight, the OWL pickleball paddle made waves as the first in its class to feature multiple patent-pending design innovations approved for USAP tournament play. These advancements include a remarkable 50% reduction in both hertz and decibel levels, revolutionizing the sport’s acoustic landscape.

Building on OWL Sport’s dedication to innovation, the introduction of the OWL CK-40 pickleball represents a significant leap forward. This new ball boasts unprecedented durability, lasting three times longer than its competitors without warping or cracking, as demonstrated in rigorous certified impact testing. Enhanced with patent-pending nanotechnology and crafted from the proprietary Perpetular Composite™ material, the OWL CK-40 ensures unmatched playability and reliability on the court.

OWL Sport and APP Extend Partnership

Moreover, the ball’s Apex spectrum color enhances visibility to the highest standards, ensuring optimal recognition for players across various playing conditions. With millions of pickleball enthusiasts nationwide, this high-performance ball with extended playtime and vibrant design is set to redefine grassroots play, offering communities a new standard of enjoyment and engagement in the sport.

Supporting Inclusivity and Innovation

Rick Schwenk, Chief Marketing Officer at OWL Sport, emphasized the alignment between OWL’s innovation and APP’s mission.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with the Association of Pickleball Players and support their vision for a diverse and accessible sport for all players and levels of competition,”–Rick Schwenk

“The APP’s dedication to hosting dynamic and inclusive events perfectly aligns with our commitment to high performance, innovation, and responsible technological advancement of the sport. The OWL CK-40 ball, with its patent-pending design, delivers exceptional performance and unparalleled durability. We are proud to be the official and exclusive ball of APP UTR Sports Pickleball Leagues, APP Signature Events, and APP Collegiate Events. This collaboration marks another next step in our journey to inspire and empower pickleball players everywhere. Join the #OWLREVOLUTION.”-(Rick Schwenk )

Democratizing Competitive Play and Growth

In 2024, the APP season introduced a series of groundbreaking events and initiatives branded as APP Signature Events, tailored to enrich the competitive landscape for both professional and amateur pickleball players. These new formats were strategically designed to expand opportunities for participants to compete and vie for substantial prize money.

Kicking off the season was the highly anticipated APP U.S. Collegiate Championships, held from January 3-7 in Westfield, Indiana. This event showcased the pinnacle of collegiate pickleball talent from across the nation, setting the stage for intense competition and collegiate pride.

Among the roster of APP Signature Events is the exclusive AARP U.S. Champions Cup, catering specifically to pickleball enthusiasts aged 40 and above. This tournament celebrates seasoned players while highlighting their skill and dedication to the sport.

Another notable addition is the APP Atlantic Cup, a riveting showdown between Team USA and Team Europe, promoting international camaraderie and competitive spirit within the pickleball community.

Recently announced, the APP Women’s Open is set to debut as a pioneering tournament exclusively for female players, aligning with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness and support for a significant cause.

Meanwhile, USA Pickleball (USAP), the sport’s governing body, took proactive steps in September 2023 by establishing the Quiet Category. This category acknowledges pickleball products that reduce sound output during recreational play without compromising performance. The OWL paddle made history in November 2023 as the first product certified by USAP under this category, underscoring its innovation and commitment to enhancing player experience.

Furthermore, the OWL paddle recently received approval for use in USAP-sanctioned events like the APP Tour, reinforcing its status as a trailblazer in improving the pickleball experience through innovative technology and design.

Pickleball enthusiasts can anticipate the OWL CK-40’s availability this summer, enhancing their gameplay experience with enhanced durability and performance. For more information and to join the #OWLREVOLUTION, visit and select retail partners.

OWL Sport and APP Extend Partnership

News in Brief: OWL Sport and APP Extend Partnership

OWL Sport’s expanded partnership with the Association of Pickleball Players (APP) introduces the OWL CK-40 as the official ball for APP UTR Sports Pickleball Leagues, Signature Events, and Collegiate Events. Designed with Perpetular Composite™ technology for durability and Apex spectrum color for visibility, the CK-40 aims to set new standards in performance. Ryan McSpadden, APP’s Chief Revenue Officer, highlights the collaboration’s role in enhancing accessibility and play quality. OWL Sport’s Rick Schwenk emphasizes their commitment to advancing pickleball through innovation. This partnership underscores pickleball’s growth and inclusivity, offering enhanced gameplay for players at all levels.

Our Readers Queries:

Ques: What is OWL Sport?

Ans: OWL Sport is an innovative and high-performance brand specializing in pickleball paddles. They are dedicated to transforming the sport of pickleball to make it more accessible and enjoyable for players of all levels.

Ques: Is the OWL paddle legal?

Ans: Yes, OWL pickleball paddles are USA Pickleball certified and approved for use in all USAP-sanctioned tournaments and league play. Additionally, OWL paddles qualify for the USA Pickleball QUIET category, providing a 50% reduction in noise during play.

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