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New Pickleball and Tennis Courts Coming to Columbus Parks

New Pickleball and Tennis Courts: In recent weeks, Columbus Parks and Recreation has been diligently preparing for summer with a series of improvements to the city’s parks, some of which have been eagerly anticipated.

Among the most notable updates, Gerrard Park will soon feature brand-new pickleball and tennis courts. According to Parks and Recreation Director Betsy Eckhardt, these upgrades stem from the master plan for Pawnee Park and Gerrard Park, developed last year.

The previous courts had structural issues, cracks in the surface, and were in poor condition,” Eckhardt explained. “This was a capital project we started a few years ago. We kind of designed the layout and finished it through the Gerrard and Pawnee master plan from last summer.

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Bob Arp, a passionate pickleball player, expressed his enthusiasm for the new courts, emphasizing the benefits of having dedicated spaces for pickleball. “Pickleball courts are different from tennis courts, so having dedicated spaces means players can enjoy the game properly rather than on tennis courts,” Arp noted.

These improvements mark a significant enhancement for Columbus parks, promising better facilities for both tennis and pickleball enthusiasts as the community looks forward to a vibrant summer season.

News in Brief : New Pickleball and Tennis Courts

Columbus Parks and Recreation is enhancing the city’s parks, with Gerrard Park set to receive new pickleball and tennis courts. Parks and Recreation Director Betsy Eckhardt stated that these upgrades are part of a master plan for Gerrard and Pawnee parks, addressing previous structural issues. The project began a few years ago and was finalized last summer. Bob Arp, a pickleball player, highlighted the benefits of dedicated pickleball courts. These improvements promise better facilities for tennis and pickleball enthusiasts, gearing up for a vibrant summer season in Columbus.

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