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New Pickleball Facility Opens at Freedom Park in Greenwood

New Pickleball Facility Opens at Freedom Park: Johnson County welcomed a new landmark for pickleball enthusiasts with the grand opening of a state-of-the-art facility at Freedom Park in Greenwood. Featuring 16 new courts, this $1.3 million project stands as the largest pickleball facility in the county, set to serve the public and host competitive tournaments.

Greenwood Mayor Mark W. Myers expressed enthusiasm about the facility’s potential impact, stating, “This amenity will help keep residents happy and healthy while expanding their level of pickleball play in the community.

The newly inaugurated facility is accessible to the public seven days a week from dawn until dusk, with illuminated courts extending playing hours into the evening. Accompanying amenities include restroom facilities and ample parking, with 120 dedicated spots newly constructed as part of the complex’s development.

In addition to public access, residents and organizations can rent courts at Freedom Park for private tournaments and events. Rental arrangements are managed through Greenwood Parks and Recreation, providing opportunities to enhance community engagement through recreational sports.

The opening of this expansive pickleball facility marks a significant investment in community well-being and recreational infrastructure in Johnson County, catering to the growing popularity and demand for pickleball among residents of all ages and skill levels.

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For more information on court rentals and facility usage, interested parties are encouraged to contact Greenwood Parks and Recreation.

News in Brief : New Pickleball Facility Opens at Freedom Park

Johnson County’s new pickleball facility at Freedom Park in Greenwood boasts 16 courts, the county’s largest, costing $1.3 million. Open daily, dawn to dusk, with lit courts for evening play, it includes restrooms and 120 parking spots. Mayor Mark W. Myers lauds its benefits for community health and sport expansion, offering public access and rentals through Greenwood Parks and Recreation. This investment enhances local recreational infrastructure, catering to pickleball’s popularity across all ages and skill levels in Johnson County. For details on rentals, contact Greenwood Parks and Recreation.

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