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OWL Sport Becomes Title Sponsor of APP Tour Newport Event

OWL Sport Becomes Title Sponsor of APP Tour: The world of pickleball continues to rise quickly, with major developments shaping the sport’s future. One such crucial moment is the announcement that OWL Sport, a groundbreaking performance pickleball brand, will serve as the title sponsor for the upcoming OWL APP Newport Beach Open. This prestigious event is slated to take place from July 3-7, 2024, at the Tennis and Pickleball Club in Newport Beach, California.

This partnership is more than just a sponsorship; it marks a significant step in the sport’s evolution. The OWL APP Newport Beach Open is the third Major tournament on the Association of Pickleball Players (APP) Tour this year, affirming the event’s status as a premier competition in the pickleball calendar. With over 1,600 players expected to participate, ranging from enthusiastic amateurs to elite professionals, the event promises to be a showcase of the sport’s growing popularity and competitive spirit.

Elevating the Game: A Shared Commitment to Excellence

The collaboration between APP and OWL Sport is grounded in a shared vision of excellence “We are thrilled to have OWL Sport elevate their investment and commitment to the APP as the title sponsor for the APP Tour’s premier west coast event of the year,” said Ryan McSpadden, APP Chief Revenue Officer. “As the world’s first and world’s best pickleball tour, we share a mutual commitment to excellence with OWL Sport, elevating the game and bringing an exceptional experience for all players and fans alike.”

As a USA Pickleball-designated “Golden Ticket” event, the OWL APP Newport Beach Open gives gold medal winners the prized opportunity to pre-register for the 2024 Biofreeze USA Pickleball National Championships in November. This adds extra excitement and stakes to the competition, with professional players competing for a share of the $150,000 prize pool.

A Welcoming Arena for All Skill Levels

The OWL APP Newport Beach Open stands out not just for its elite competition but also for its inclusivity. The tournament is open to players of all skill levels, from 3.0 to 5.0, as well as professional athletes. This inclusivity brings a vibrant and diverse competitive environment, reflecting pickleball’s broad appeal. Registration for both pro and amateur players is open through June 23 on the APP official website, inviting players from around the globe to participate in this important event.

A Landmark Sponsorship: OWL Sport’s First Major Event Entitlement

“Joining forces with the APP Tour for The OWL APP Newport Beach Open is our first major event entitlement, and one we could not be more excited about,” commented Rick Schwenk, OWL Sports Chief Marketing Officer. “We look forward to seeing players at all levels, from 3.0 to top professionals from around the world, showcasing their skills and seeing the OWL paddle high performance, technology and incredible noise reduction on display. This is going to be a fantastic pickleball event as we celebrate the Fourth of July holiday in Southern California.” The event will spotlight OWL’s high-performance paddles, which are designed with advanced noise reduction technology—a crucial innovation in a sport where sound management has become increasingly important.

OWL paddles, named after the silent apex predator, feature multiple patent-pending design elements that significantly reduce noise in both hertz and decibel levels. This technological innovation positions OWL at the forefront of the Quiet Category, a segment created by USA Pickleball in September 2023 to reduce sound output during play. After rigorous testing, OWL became the first paddle certified for this category and approved for use in all USAP-sanctioned events.

A Confluence of Legends and Innovators

The brand’s commitment to excellence is further reflected in its impressive lineup of ambassadors, including tennis legend John McEnroe, Super Bowl champion quarterback Drew Brees, and three-time Grand Slam champion Tracy Austin. Their involvement not only enhances OWL’s visibility but also shows the paddle’s performance capabilities and the brand’s growing influence in the pickleball community.


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A New Era for Pickleball

The OWL APP Newport Beach Open is gearing up to be a significant event, marking pickleball’s growth and professionalization. Players from diverse backgrounds will gather to compete, showcasing the sport’s inclusivity and competitive spirit. With OWL Sport’s advanced technology and commitment to excellence leading the way, the future of pickleball looks brighter than ever. This partnership highlights the sport’s dynamic evolution and the drive for excellence shared by OWL Sport and the APP Tour.

As we approach July 3, the pickleball community eagerly awaits a week of top-tier competition, strategic play, and athletic achievement. The OWL APP Newport Beach Open promises to be more than just a tournament—it will be a celebration of pickleball’s rich history and its promising future.

News in Brief: OWL Sport Becomes Title Sponsor of APP Tour

OWL Sport has announced its title sponsorship of the upcoming OWL APP Newport Beach Open, a crucial event in the pickleball calendar scheduled from July 3-7, 2024, at Newport Beach, California’s Tennis and Pickleball Club. This partnership signifies a significant milestone for the sport, with OWL Sport elevating its commitment to excellence alongside the Association of Pickleball Players (APP). With over 1,600 players expected to participate across various skill levels, the tournament promises elite competition and inclusivity. As a USA Pickleball-designated Golden Ticket event, it offers winners a direct path to the 2024 Biofreeze USA Pickleball National Championships.

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