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Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns’ 35th career title together

Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns’ 35th career title: The mixed doubles final at the Orange County Cup presented by Fitvine Wine featured a clash between two contrasting teams: the top-seeded duo of Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns, and the resilient pair of Catherine Parenteau and Christian Alshon, seeded seventh. In a match that highlighted their exceptional synergy and skill, Waters and Johns swept to victory with a decisive 11-0, 11-7, 11-4 scoreline, clinching yet another title together.

Ben Johns’ Milestone

For Ben Johns, this triumph marked a significant milestone as his 50th PPA mixed doubles title, a statement to his enduring prowess and consistency in the doubles arena. The Waters/Johns partnership also celebrated their 35th career title together, showing their dominance and chemistry on the court.

Rising Stars in the Rankings

Christian Alshon’s strong performance alongside Catherine Parenteau did not go unnoticed in the rankings, as they moved up from No. 9 to No. 7 following their silver medal finish. Parenteau herself ascended from No. 8 to No. 7 on the women’s singles rankings, reflecting her continued impact in both disciplines.

Rachel Rohrabacher, who has been making waves since her return to singles competition, further solidified her position among the elite. Her quarterfinal run alongside Federico Staksrud propelled her into the Top Ten, rising from No. 12 to No. 10 and marking a significant comeback in her career.

Mixed Doubles Rankings:

Women’s Rank

Rank Player Country Points
1 Anna Leigh Waters USA 21800
2 Anna Bright USA 13350
3 Vivienne David USA 11600
4 Jorja Johnson USA 7200
5 Jessie Irvine USA 6100
6 Tina Pisnik SVN 5450
7 Catherine Parenteau CAN 5125
8 Marietta Wright USA 4625
9 Lea Jansen USA 3850
10 Rachel Rohrabacher USA 3775
11 Tyra Hurricane Black USA 3700
12 Lucy Kovalova SVK 3550
13 Meghan Dizon USA 3500
14 Callie Smith USA 2650
15 Lauren Stratman USA 2425
16 Jackie Kawamoto USA 2350
17 Maggie Brascia USA 2275
18 Jade Kawamoto USA 2200
19 Allyce Jones USA 1875
20 Mary Brascia USA 1825

Men’s Rank

Rank Player Country Points
1 Ben Johns USA 22000
2 Thomas Wilson USA 11600
3 James Ignatowich USA 10650
4 James Johnson USA 7150
5 Riley Newman USA 5900
6 Federico Staksrud ARG 5050
7 Christian Alshon USA 5000
8 Tyson McGuffin USA 4825
9 Dekel Bar ISR 4400
10 Hayden Patriquin USA 3700
11 Matt Wright USA 3550
12 Dylan Frazier USA 3250
13 Connor Garnett USA 2825
14 Julian Arnold USA 2600
14 Travis Rettenmaier USA 2600
16 Jay Devilliers FRA 2400
17 Gabriel Tardio BOL 2162.5
18 Collin Johns USA 2112.5
19 Andrei Daescu ROU 2050
20 Pablo Tellez COL 1950

Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns, undeniably the leading mixed doubles team on the PPA Tour, reaffirmed their status with another flawless tournament victory. Their command on the court, coupled with their impressive track record, continues to set the standard in professional pickleball.

As the season unfolds, the challenge for other teams remains clear: finding a way to break the Waters/Johns juggernaut. Their chemistry, strategic prowess, and ability to perform under pressure make them a challenging force, setting the stage for compelling matchups and thrilling competitions in the world of mixed doubles pickleball.

Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns' 35th career title1

News in Brief: Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns’ 35th career title

Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns secured another mixed doubles title at the Orange County Cup with a dominant performance over Catherine Parenteau and Christian Alshon. Johns celebrated his 50th PPA mixed doubles title, while Waters and Johns marked their 35th career title together. Christian Alshon and Catherine Parenteau’s silver medal finish propelled them up the rankings, as did Rachel Rohrabacher’s impressive return to singles competition. Waters and Johns continue to lead the mixed doubles field, posing a challenge for competitors in the season ahead.

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