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The Best Left Handed Pickleball Player on the PPA Tour

The Best Left Handed Pickleball Player: With a month off from the PPA Tour, it’s the perfect time to dive into some fun debates and general topics. Today, let’s settle an intriguing question: who is the best left-handed player on the PPA Tour?

Some might argue for Ben Johns, who, if you haven’t seen him play left-handed, is a sight to behold. He’s a legit 5.0 with his non-dominant hand, which is just another testament to his extraordinary talent. But, as much as it would be fascinating to see Johns try playing in a women’s doubles event, our focus today is on the serious left-handed contenders who consistently play with their left hand. Here are our top five candidates: CJ Klinger, Tyler Loong, Jack Munro, Augie Ge, and Pablo Tellez.

CJ Klinger: The Wildcard

CJ Klinger is a bit of a wildcard. Not a regular on the PPA Tour, his experience primarily comes from less competitive environments. However, he did make it to the Premier in Major League Pickleball (MLP) and had a respectable 9-11 record in MLP matches. Klinger excels defensively, can drop his way to the net, and has solid dinking skills.

His offensive game, however, lacks the power needed to compete at the highest level. Without significant development in his forehand power, Klinger will struggle to reach the top. His best event is men’s doubles, where he can rely on a power partner, and while he’s adequate in Dreambreakers, he’s not as strong in mixed doubles. Being young, there’s potential for growth if he dedicates himself to enhancing his offensive capabilities.

Tyler Loong: The Veteran

The veteran of the group at 30, Tyler Loong brings a wealth of experience and consistency. Loong is the epitome of a well-rounded player with no glaring weaknesses. He can drive, drop, dink, defend, and even pull off the occasional Erne. Known for his solid right-side play, Loong’s defensive skills slightly outweigh his offensive prowess, making him more effective in men’s doubles than mixed. Despite his age, Loong remains in his prime, though the influx of younger talent may gradually push him down the rankings. For now, anyone partnering with Loong knows they have a reliable, steady player by their side.

The Best Left Handed Pickleball Player

Jack Munro: The Enigma

Jack Munro is an enigma. A year ago, he was seen as a rising star, and his performance at the Mesa Arizona Cup bolstered that reputation. Teaming with Julian Arnold, Munro showed flashes of brilliance, particularly in a match against Tyson McGuffin and Dekel Bar. Despite this, his results since then have been inconsistent. Known for his ambidexterity, Munro serves right-handed but favors his backhand excessively, hindering his offensive development. To truly shine, Munro needs to enhance his forehand power and overall offensive game. His potential is vast, but his progress depends on balancing his ambidextrous skills with the necessary power to compete at the highest level.

Augie Ge: The Rising Star

Augie Ge burst onto the scene in 2024, making waves at the Desert Ridge Open. Alongside Tyra Black, Ge achieved impressive victories, establishing himself as a formidable player. His 10-6 record in MLP reflects his solid all-around game. Ge’s balanced skills make him proficient in singles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles. While better defensively, his offensive game is rapidly improving, making him a threat on both sides of the court. Ge’s versatility and continuous improvement position him as a likely contender to challenge for the top left-handed spot in the near future.

Pablo Tellez: The Consistent Competitor

Pablo Tellez, like Loong, is a seasoned player with a consistent game. His preference for running around his backhand to hit forehand dinks sometimes pulls him out of position, yet his defensive skills and power, particularly in Ernes, make up for this. Tellez’s offensive game, though powerful, can be inconsistent, leading to higher error rates. His recent partnership changes, including a split with Federico Staksrud, indicate a period of adjustment. Despite these challenges, Tellez remains a solid competitor in both men’s and mixed doubles, with his defensive capabilities slightly surpassing his offensive ones.

Current Ranking and Future Potential

Evaluating these players, Tyler Loong currently holds the top spot due to his all-around consistency and experience. Augie Ge and Pablo Tellez are close behind, tied for second place, with Ge set to overtake Loong as he continues to develop. Jack Munro and CJ Klinger, while talented, have significant areas for improvement, particularly in their offensive games. As they continue to refine their skills, they have the potential to climb the ranks.

The Best Left Handed Pickleball Player

In a year, this ranking could look very different. The dedication and improvement of these players, especially Munro and Klinger, will shape their futures. Augie Ge is likely to challenge for the top spot soon, but for now, Tyler Loong remains the most well-rounded and reliable left-handed player on the PPA Tour.

News in Brief: The Best Left Handed Pickleball Player

Debating the best left-handed player on the PPA Tour, Tyler Loong currently leads due to his experience and all-around consistency. Augie Ge, the rising star, follows closely, showing rapid improvement and versatility. Pablo Tellez, known for his defensive skills and power, remains a strong contender but faces challenges with consistency. Jack Munro and CJ Klinger, though talented, need to enhance their offensive games to climb the ranks. Loong’s reliable play, coupled with the potential of Ge and Tellez, makes this an evolving debate. As these players continue to refine their skills, the rankings may shift, but for now, Loong is the top left-handed player on the PPA Tour.

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