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Pickleball Sweeps Beckley: A Growing Phenomenon at New River Park

Pickleball Sweeps Beckley: Pickleball enthusiasts in Beckley, West Virginia, are witnessing a surge in the sport’s popularity, mirroring its nationwide growth trend. With eight dedicated courts at New River Park, the city has embraced pickleball as a staple recreational activity.

Combining elements of tennis, ping-pong, and wiffleball, pickleball offers a unique sporting experience on a smaller scale. Utilizing enlarged ping pong paddles and a smaller wiffleball, players engage in spirited matches across the court. The Beckley Pickleball Club boasts 83 members, each contributing to the vibrant pickleball community.

Pickleball’s origins in Beckley can be traced back to Vicki Stevens, whose passion for the sport accelerated its introduction to the city. Inspired by a trial session in 2017, Stevens and fellow enthusiasts took to their church parking lot, improvising a makeshift court to fuel their pickleball passion.

We saw it (Pickleball) back in 2017 and went and played on a Friday night, was hooked, and found out one night a week was not enough time to play, So, we went to our church parking lot, painted a pickleball court on the church parking lot, and played there for a couple of years.”- said Stevens

Heather Hill, Raleigh County’s pickleball ambassador, has played a crucial role in popularizing the sport. In her three years of involvement, Hill has witnessed pickleball’s inclusive nature firsthand, welcoming players of all ages and skill levels.

Mary Denny, a recent convert to pickleball, attests to its accessibility and welcoming environment. Joined by her friend Zan Hill, an experienced player with tournament experience, Denny highlights the diverse community thriving on New River Park’s pickleball courts.

“There are people out here of all different skill levels. Like you’re going to come out and you’re going to see that some people are just starting, and some people have been playing for three, five years, and everybody’s very welcoming. Like we have a good time out here and our main goal is just to have fun,” said Denny.

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“It’s very social, it is competitive, but competitive in the right way. It’s unbelievable,” said Houck

Charles Houck, another pickleball enthusiast, emphasizes the sport’s social and recreational benefits. For Houck and many others, pickleball serves as a catalyst for staying active and forging new connections within the community.

As the Beckley Pickleball Club continues to flourish, its courts remain a hub of activity, welcoming enthusiasts of all ages to partake in the pickleball phenomenon.

News in Brief : Pickleball Sweeps Beckley

Pickleball gains momentum in Beckley, WV, with 8 courts at New River Park. Originating from Vicki Stevens’ passion in 2017, the sport now thrives with 83 club members. Heather Hill, an ambassador, promotes inclusivity, welcoming all ages and skill levels. Mary Denny and Zan Hill exemplify the diverse community enjoying the sport. Charles Houck highlights its social benefits. At New River Park, pickleball creates  teamwork and competition, attracting enthusiasts of all backgrounds. The Beckley Pickleball Club continues to grow, offering a vibrant space for the sport’s enthusiasts.

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