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New Pickleball Courts at Kiwanis Park Renovation Sets Excitement

New Pickleball Courts at Kiwanis Park Renovation: Kiwanis Park is the largest Community Park in the City of Battle Ground.  Through a generous donation from the Kiwanis Club, the property was granted to the City in 1980 to establish a park. A 2006 renovation of the park has allowed the 8+ acre space to become a gathering place for the community.

Battle Ground, a city dedicated to developing community spaces, has started a significant $1.2 million makeover project at Kiwanis Park, aiming to elevate the local recreational landscape and enrich the quality of life for its residents. The city recently broke ground on this ambitious initiative, which promises an inclusive transformation of the park’s facilities.

Among the planned improvements, six new Pickleball Courts at Kiwanis Park Renovation are part of this project other than the installation of a new covered picnic shelter, the addition of six state-of-the-art pickleball courts is a bonus, and the renovation of an existing basketball court with a new covered structure. The project also includes the replacement of several aging light posts, contributing to developed safety and visibility throughout the park. The addition of new pickleball courts has generated immense excitement among both players and the community alike.

City officials are exploring additional developments, including the potential installation of a sound wall near the pickleball courts to reduce noise and improve the overall park experience. These considerations underline Battle Ground’s proactive approach to meeting the evolving needs of its residents while maintaining a harmonious balance between recreational use and community well-being.

Furthermore, one notable change involves the removal of an open-top gazebo to accommodate the construction of the new picnic area, a move that reflects the city’s commitment to optimizing space for community gatherings and recreational activities.

The inclusive nature of the project reflects a thoughtful planning process, driven by input from local stakeholders and a commitment to sustainability and accessibility. With an expected completion date by the end of this year, followed by the finalization of lighting upgrades early next year, Battle Ground anticipates minimal disruption to park access during the construction phase.

Kiwanis Park makeover project represents a significant investment in community infrastructure, ready to develop recreational opportunities, improve community engagement, and promote a vibrant outdoor experience for residents of Battle Ground.

Project Name Kiwanis Park Makeover Project
Location Battle Ground, Washington, USA
Park Size Over 8 acres
Funding $1.2 million
Initiative Comprehensive park enhancement
Key Features Six pickleball courts
New covered picnic shelter
Revitalized basketball court with covers
Replacement of aging light posts
Removal of gazebo for new picnic area
Additional Plans Sound wall near pickleball courts
Completion Date End of current year (anticipated)


New Pickleball Courts at Kiwanis Park Renovation

News in Brief: New Pickleball Courts at Kiwanis Park Renovation

The Kiwanis Park makeover in Battle Ground, funded by a $1.2 million project, aims to transform the largest community park. With new amenities like a covered picnic shelter, six pickleball courts, and upgraded basketball facilities, the project increases recreational options. Additional improvements include replacing aging light posts and potentially installing a sound wall for pickleball courts. The initiative reflects Battle Ground’s commitment to community engagement and sustainable development, with completion expected by year-end. By renovating Kiwanis Park, the city seeks to create a vibrant outdoor space that meets diverse recreational needs and increases the quality of life for residents.

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